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Subsector: Hayden
Sector: Bey-Partial
Coordinates: 0222 (I0202)
UWP: A4899C9-D-302
Starport: A: Excellent
Size: 4: Small (5600-7200 km)
Atmosphere: 8: Dense
Hydrographics: 90% water
Population: 3 billion
Govt: Charismatic Oligarchy
Law Level: 9: High
Technology: 13: High Average Stellar
Native Life: Proto-sentient
Planetoid Belts: 0
Gas Giants: 2
Allegiance: Imperial
Bases: Scout
Travel Zone: Green

Trade Codes: Capital,Hi Population,
Resources: Poor (4),
Export: Radioactives

Schnellgesigt Downport, Borethane 3

Native Life

Borethane's high order native life are amphibian cephalids that evolve rudimentary symbolic reasoning in later stages of their metamorphic life cycle. Native individuals born and trained in captivity have been observed teaching natural-born peers basic language.

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