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Name: Barnhard
Subsector: Nembu
Sector: Bey-Partial
Coordinates: 2007 (C0407)
UWP: C530634-7-402
Starport: C: Fair
Size: 5: Medium (7200-8800 km)
Atmosphere: 3: Very thin
Hydrographics: No liquid water
Population: 4 million
Govt: Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy
Law Level: 4: Moderate
Technology: 7: Early Information Age
Native Life: Sterile
Planetoid Belts: 0
Gas Giants: 2
Allegiance: Not Aligned
Bases: None
Travel Zone: Green

Trade Codes: Desert,Non-agricultural,Non-industrial,Poor,
Resources: Moderate (5),
Export: Radioactives

Shown: Skirl and neighborhood, Nembu Subsector

Mining planet, population clustered in single underground city called "Scar". No highport. Downport in Scar is low tech but well run by the local authorities.

An aristocracy rules Barnhard through an appointed bureaucracy called "The Department". There are two primary authorities, the Lord-Minister elected by the aristocracy, and the Princeps, the head of the local religion. Both are non-hereditary life positions.

Barnhard has become a crossroads between the expansionary Skirling, and the high-tech mecca of Mishatan.


The main city of Barnhard is located at the foot of a 1200m cliff, in a floodplain of an ancient river system. Scar is carved out of the cliff, with levels reckoned from ground level (Level G). There is a recessed plateau at level 80 which overlooks the above ground buildings and features, and houses the high-rent public buildings and aristocracy. The Starport runs at the south end of the city and has sprawled south and east, growing rapidly in recent decades due to commerce, pressure from Mishatan, and the expanding Imperial presence.


Barnhard has a national character of ironic acceptance. This is mirrored by the dominant local religion, which emphasizes a naturalistic fatalism combined with a kind of Zen Buddhism. The aristocratic class is generally benign and respectful of human rights. Unrest is common, expressed as apathy and non-participation, and rebellion is rare. The last century has enriched Barnhard's middle class and poor, which has increased class mobility.

There is a nonworking proletarian underclass that is fueled by drugs, vice, and gangs. The two main gangs and numerous shadowy minor gangs and cults infuse all aspects of Scar, including the aristocracy. The Yellows is an illegal criminal organization with countless legal and quasi-legal affiliated organizations and businesses. It is run by a charismatic millionaire crime boss named Filannic. Both he and his organization are violent and dangerous. The main rival is a political coalition called Machine Under. M.U. has several criminal bosses working relatively cooperatively. Although loyalty is occasionally an issue, the M.U. has much more pull with the Department and other legitimate authorities, and no shortage of muscle as well. Common drugs include synth, dust, sand, and various opiates.


Barnhard Local Pressure refers to the newer starport construction south along the cliff is funded by a Mishatan philanthropic organization called Labyrinth. It has distinctive Mishatan high-tech. It is currently a privately leased and run facility, and does not accept public non-Mishatan traffic. As part of the lease, Mishatan has upgraded starport tram facilities and made other material upgrades to power, sensors, communications, and navigation control systems. Locally, BLP is poised to take over Downport responsibility, but the Department has lobbied to remain the primary facility broker.

BLP is highly automated, and maintained by autonomous robots and a handful of Barnhard locals. Labyrinth has installed an AI controller addressed as Contact for the BLP that handles all facility operations. Contact can be reached publicly, but it will refer starport issues to Scar Downport authorities.

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