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Name: Bebe
Subsector: Trireme
Sector: Bey-Partial
Coordinates: 0917 (F0107)
UWP: D467418-D-903
Starport: D: Poor
Size: 4: Small (5600-7200 km)
Atmosphere: 6: Standard
Hydrographics: 70% water
Population: 90,000
Govt: Company/Corporation
Law Level: 8: High
Technology: 13: High Average Stellar
Native Life: Sterile
Planetoid Belts: 0
Gas Giants: 3
Allegiance: Imperial
Bases: None
Travel Zone: Green

Trade Codes: Non-industrial,
Resources: Moderate (5),
Export: Pharmaceuticals

Bebe is one of the Cloudworlds, Trireme Subsector.
Shown: Cloudworlds
Its governorship is held by a CTS Guild collective represented chiefly by Demmerak AG, a subsidiary of SuSAG. Bebe's small colony enjoys a near-Terran habitat, that seems to have been a product of terraforming, although research has discovered no evidence of habitation.
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