Bey-Partial Sector History

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Third Imperium Early Contact

  • 3272-3282 Baron Peskiy Andressen explores the Hook Rift; maps the Andressen Main.
  • 3300-3359 Expanding Third Imperium clashes with Eleven Kingdoms border state. War ends in stalemate; Eleven Kingdoms granted independent Earldoms in exchange for border security along the Imperium's trailing flank.
  • 3559 Border Run X-Boat route authorized and funded.


  • 3892-3909 Coality border extends Trailing to include the Cloudworlds.
  • 3902 Scout base on Vesarelict established, the Coality's most trailing base.
  • 3910-3924 FSS Henry Hudson surveys the Hook Rift, mapping the trailing edge of Bey-Partial sector.
  • 3928 Civil war in Rustan system ends in atomic war. Imperial marines intervene and declare martial law.
  • 3955 THORWELD system rejects Coality client state status, executes Coality sympathizers and expels delegates.

Recent History

  • 4001 A non-functioning Matryeshka Drive found in Silis system, deep to trailing. Prince Regent claims it for the Imperium, donates it to the Imperial Naval Science Academy and sets up a garrison to enforce access restrictions. TAS re-classifies system as Red.
  • 4054-4070 AREQUIPA and SELINDA fall into rebellion within two months of each other, declare allegiance to the Silverwing Ducal alliance within the Eleven Kingdoms. Capital BONAVENTURE claims neutrality but seizes Imperial assets, including 22,000dt Patrol Cruiser INS Hammond IN-202. Precipitates a series of skirmishes, blockades, and invasions dubbed the Second Trailing Border Conflict. Eleventh Fleet engaged to restore Imperial order.
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