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Difficulty Dice
d Difficulty Failed Action* Examples
d4 Easy Success+Complication Connect to an open network (vs Systems)
d6 Routine [varies]+Complication Plot a jump to a known system (vs Fly)
d8 Challenging [varies]+Complication Tiptoe past a guard (vs Sneak)
d10 Hard Failure+Complication Program a back door into a robot (vs Computer)
d12 Very Hard Failure+Complication Defuse a gravitic mine on a countdown (vs Focus)
  • For High Stakes rolls, the result of a failed action is always Taken Out.

Scale Dice
1 Humanoid
2 Vehicle, heavy machine, battle dress
3 Ship's boat < 100 dt, shuttlecraft, heavy grav truck
4 Small ship 100 dt < 2000 dt, waystation
5 Large ship 2000 dt < 20,000 dt, planetary installation, outpost
6 Cruiser 20,000+ dt, battleship, space station, highport

Updated to Cortex Plus/Firefly rules. For Classic Traveller rules, see Category:Rules_CT

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