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Subsector A (Han), Bey-Partial Sector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Pacer         0105 X8C3000-0    Ba Fl Lo           003 Na 090 
Wohle 0108 A76A8C9-F Wa 200 Cs 68Z
Gardan 0307 C550535-7 De Ni Po 124 Na 620
Valentina 0310 C21031E-C Lo Ni 223 Na 05E
Vittoria 0407 C730304-7 De Lo Ni Po 800 Na
Cutlass 0509 D544541-5 Ba Lo 214 Cs 010
Koral 0510 E673444-9 Ni 603 Cs 170
Tomba 0602 X200000-0 Ba Lo Va 005 Na 000
Armour 0609 D630614-8 S De Na Ni Po 313 Cs 290
Tagge 0703 X200000-0 Ba Lo Va 010 Na 020
Wandesforth 0801 C52078A-9 De Na Po 403 Cs 03C
Fract 0810 X7C0000-0 Ba De Lo 023 Xx 0A0


Han subsector consists of two small clusters of systems on opposite corners, separated by the spinward end of the dogleg-shaped Hook Rift.


With the exception of Wohle system, which was settled alongside neighboring Chaplain sector to spinward, the subsector has been frontier territory throughout the Third Imperium. There is no evidence of earlier habitation.

Culture and Politics

Politically this subsector's influence is threefold: as border worlds to the expanding Third Imperium (Dulcet subsector, rimward), border worlds to the Old Empire to (Agathai sector, coreward), and Wohle (Chaplain sector, spinward) -- with the Hook Rift separating the three.

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