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Subsector B (Passaral), Bey-Partial Sector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Fogarty       0903 A140528-D    De Ni Po           113 Cs 088 
Qujurd 1104 E000245-6 As Lo Ni 203 Cs 030
Ermanno 1105 B000311-D As Lo Ni 403 Cs 020
Cathasach 1201 C730215-7 De Lo Ni Po 512 Na 370
Leynar 1207 C887879-7 Ri 434 Cs 4BL
Walksoft 1305 E570132-8 De Lo Ni 314 Na 040
Stabyl 1406 CAE4518-4 S Fl Ni 520 Na 59A
THORWELD 1501 B45495B-8 Hi 304 Na 55O
Wu 1504 E950445-B De Ni Po 900 Na 180
AONGHUS 1509 B646999-C Hi In 903 Cs 06T
Mikel 1601 X110000-0 Ba Lo 004 Na 030
Alvarez 1604 D978734-B Ag 125 Na 1A5
Britten 1606 X8B2300-6 Fl Lo Ni 404 Na 090


The subsector is named for the Passaral cluster of systems to coreward, which extends into neighboring Agathai (Old Expanses) sector. There is also a thin Jump-3 trail of systems spanning across the Hook Rift.


The Passaral cluster was colonized in the Second Age. The rest of the subsector was an unexplored frontier until recently. With the ascendance of the Cloudworlds as the Third Imperium expanded to trailing, the Jump-3 X-Boat route has evolved as a shortcut to Agathai sector at first, and eventually a viable trade route on its own.

Culture and Politics

As the Jump-3 trail becomes increasingly lucrative, patrols have stepped up to fight the area's lawlessness and piracy. Still, corporate interests dominate the subsector's culture.

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