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Subsector E (Dulcet), Bey-Partial Sector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Apharapo      0112 D505200-6    Ic Lo Ni Va        100 Im 030 
Cherish 0114 A471648-D Ni 900 Im 36P
Cuthbert 0118 A503439-C Ic Ni Va 614 Im 050
Lucas 0212 A576697-A Ag 305 Im 451
ALLAN 0216 A8689BG-C Hi 613 Im 25L
Rustan 0217 B230788-C S De Na Po 713 Im 47M
MINAL 0218 A65A94A-F N Hi Wa Ca 200 Im 27C Dulcet Subsector Capital
Bunsen 0220 C8A3548-B Fl Ni 203 Im 03Y
Sirrel 0313 X000300-6 As Lo Ni 801 Im 000
Vorging 3 0411 E64021E-8 Lo Ni 612 Na 260
Monmouth 0413 D614318-B Ic Lo Ni 212 Im 020
Adon 0415 B340547-4 De Ni Po 903 Im 0A8
Merric 0419 E730448-B De Ni Po 513 Im 160
Haxan 0420 B898647-C Ag 213 Im 165
Furness 0518 XAC6200-6 Fl Lo Ni 204 Im 080
Mangarak 0520 B980538-C De Ni 323 Im 0A5
McCauley 0613 B410588-E Ni 822 Im 0AU
Orrin 0615 A685756-8 Ag Ri 301 Im 281
Doog 0616 X300389-6 Lo Ni Va 805 Im 040
Llewellyn 0618 C8A3649-7 Fl 914 Im 09L
KEYES 0714 A7A4948-C S Fl Hi 513 Im 29F
Pamela 0715 C000748-D As Na 813 Im 09B
Osiris 0717 B767889-7 Ri 404 Im 4C2
Habie-Moins 0814 CADA748-E Fl Ni Wa 304 Im 0BC
Storey 0816 C340546-B De Ni Po 803 Im 07M
Minsky 0820 B564644-8 S Ag Ni Ri 814 Cs 460


Two parallel swaths of systems run coreward to rimward. The spinward of the two is historically called the Border Run and continues rimward to Hayden subsector. On the trailing side of the subsector, a ring of systems called the Cloudworlds begins in Dulcet and completes in neighboring Trireme.

The "hook" that gave Hook Rift its name is in evidence in the coreward corner of the subsector.


The Border Run was the original frontier of the Third Imperium when the Jump-3 X-Boat route was created 3359. Since then, a slow and relatively peaceful expansion, lured by the wealth of the Cloudworlds cluster, has pushed the Coality border to the outer main and into Trireme.

Culture and Politics

Dulcet enjoys a reputation for industry and commerce, with wealthy guilds and governorships peddling influence through trade. While worlds in Dulcet may portray themselves as having a frontier feel, that reputation grows increasingly obsolete in light of centuries of lawful peace and higher populations.

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