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Subsector F (Trireme), Bey-Partial Sector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
IZNAD         0912 D550A58-A    De Hi Po           110 Im 756 
MURK 0914 A955947-D N Hi Ri Ca 213 Im 4BE Trireme Subsector Capital
Jejours 0915 C9C056E-9 De Ni R 804 Im 000
Bebe 0917 D467418-D Ni 903 Im 055
NO DOUBT 1013 C100997-B Hi Na Va 803 Im 06I
Gn 1014 D313548-C Ic Ni 104 Im 16O
Far Purchase 1016 C5AA617-B Fl Ni Wa 120 Im 08L
Eezgrgy 1018 E300585-9 Ni Va 713 Cs 05H
Gradient 1112 D346688-B Ag Ni 221 Cs 75J
Independence 1115 C4658CF-C S 714 Im 69U
Long Reach 1116 C571848-C 910 Im 08V
Sea of Gold 1212 C687743-6 Ag 110 Cs 284
Roxey 1217 X33A4E0-4 Ni Wa 515 Cs 010
Right Angle 1413 B400823-D Na Va 911 Cs 0AW
Amp 1416 C8798DH-D 311 Na 57B
Luminous 1420 X3BA000-0 Ba Fl Lo Ni Wa 024 Xx 710
Deep Adit 1514 C6E4772-B Fl A 314 Na 09P
Mohan 1516 E6685A2-9 Ag Ni 603 Pr 554
Yhro 1517 E74066E-8 De Ni Po 100 Pr 41D
Danxcza 1611 C768744-C Ag Ri 204 Cs 67L
Klothlhrutan 1617 B6548BE-C A 100 Pr 38N
Coarse Run 1620 E000300-6 As Lo Ni 222 Xx 01G


With the Dulcet subsector spinward, Trireme completes the Cloudworlds cluster, an extended Jump-1 grouping in a rough circle. The only other astrographic feature of the subsector is the Andressen Main, a stream of Jump-1 systems that extends into the Chrome subsector to trailing.

Starting in Trireme, the stellar density begins to decrease dramatically as the Hook Rift emerges to trailing.

Culture and Politics

The Coality's trailing worlds, the Cloudworlds, form a bulge in the coreward-rimward Imperial border that extends into Trireme.

Trireme and its trailing neighbor Chrome are the home to the Prokoetaal League, an interstellar dictatorship of four systems in the Andressen Main.


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