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Subsector G (Chrome), Bey-Partial Sector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Arami         1712 C574577-C    Ag Ni              403 Cs 512 
Fifth Finger 1713 E400467-C Ni Va 332 Na 05H
Vredenhoeth 1717 C3006BE-B Na Ni Va A 911 Pr 08H
Yeh-tah 1718 D430664-7 De Na Ni Po 810 Pr 000
PROKOETE 1817 BA899BE-C P Hi Ca A 115 Pr 6CP Prokoetaal Capital
Fowad 1914 E67A7C5-9 Wa 512 Na 747
Chshrimuj 1918 C4728BE-B A 203 Pr 48I
Windsock 2015 D845543-B S Ag Ni 604 Na 561
Cimini 2017 C5206DE-8 De Na Ni Po 614 Pr 010
Andres 2119 X4443B0-6 Lo Ni 404 Xx
Cohort 2211 EA0A581-7 Ic Ni Va Wa 314 Xx 1
Lavalier 2317 X000000-0 As Ba Lo Ni 021 Xx 0
Cold Monkey 2319 X970000-0 Ba De Lo Ni 014 Xx 600
Rhin 2413 E3577FB-5 Ag 100 Xx
016-774 2417 X000210-7 As Lo Ni 812 Xx 0


Sitting at the elbow of the Hook Rift, Chrome's principal astrographic feature is the Andressen Main, a group of eleven systems that begins in Trireme subsector to spinward. Stellar density drops off in all other cardinal directions.


The subsector was settled in the Second Age, although some evidence supports First Age colonization as well. Long a distant backwater, the subsector is now considered the Coality frontier, due to recent century's expansion into the Cloudworlds.

Culture and Politics

The Andressen Main is home to the Prokoetaal, a military dictatorship spanning four systems. The Prokoetaal are nationalistic and violent, and TAS rates all systems Amber.

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