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Subsector J (Shacklefoot), Bey-Partial Sector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Kirkjabyr     0921 C555218-9    Lo Ni              904 Na 500 
Quickening 1023 C450437-A De Ni Po 410 Na 440
TRENT 1024 C657977-7 Hi 203 Na 49O
Cryssie 1027 X410000-0 Ba Lo 004 Na 010
Jhyn 1029 X55086A-2 De Ni Po 304 Ea 170
Page 1121 X100000-0 Ba Lo Va 003 Na 000
Joly 1122 X100000-0 Ba Lo Va 000 Na 000
Nikko 1124 D455454-7 502 Na 330
Rak 1127 E344641-8 Ag Ni 104 Na 57J
EANDE 1129 B472AFA-C Hi Ca 104 Ea 97E Eander Capital
Rhine 1225 X735000-0 Ba Lo Ni 000 Na 080
Bothi 1227 EAA5353-5 Fl Lo Ni 822 Na 0E0
Puck 1230 D689888-B Ri 901 Na 330
Shivaya 1321 D630551-A De Ni Po 803 Na 3AJ
Adolfo 1325 X120000-0 Ba De Lo 013 Na 160
Brierbranch 1327 D556548-4 Ag Ni 704 Na 184
Marcelo 1429 C430421-A De Ni Po 802 Na 470


The Hook Rift begins dramatically halfway into this subsector, with most of its systems in the spinward half.


Little is known about Second Age (or earlier) colonization. During the early years of the Third Imperium, this region was seen as the "wild west", a dangerous and lawless frontier characterized by poverty and disappearance.

Culture and Politics

Little in the way of wealth and power has come out of this subsector. It remains a true backwater. One exception is the Eander, a young interstellar power whose expeditionary Navy recently took over its neighbor, Jhyn (3978). Recent development (possibly acquisition) of Jump-2 could mean instability in the subsector.


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