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Subsector M (Eleven Kings), Bey-Partial Sector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Jericho       0131 D530538-5    De Ni Po           623 Im 260 
Forj 0133 BA9A849-C N Wa 904 Im 58V
Canoga 0232 B253724-D Po 103 Im
JOHAN 0236 A657998-C N Hi 733 Ek 175
Veneto 0238 B6498C8-A S 610 Ek 26P
Rio Negro 0331 E110400-A Ni 104 Im 010
Knauer 0338 D766367-4 Lo Ni 410 Ek
Verdanii 0340 X230424-5 De Ni Po 112 Na 010
Wysse 0532 D466648-B Ag Ni Ri 703 Ek 070
Dobson 0533 D8A521A-7 Fl Lo Ni 100 Ek 0B0
Willapert 0535 B553566-6 Ni Po R 314 Ek 260
Eulalia 0536 D351776-6 S Po 502 Ek DCM
Mok 0537 C420200-6 De Lo Ni Po 303 Ek 110
CHAPPELL 0538 C87A9C9-B Hi In Wa 422 Ek 06N
Inglisher 0632 B780588-9 De Ni 213 Ek 6CH
Zegn 0633 C647849-A 500 Ek 79L
Horus 0636 B564742-B N Ag Ri 824 Ek 491
Hoell 0735 E520300-6 De Lo Ni Po A 911 Na 7A0
BONAVENTURE 0833 A341A9C-F 2 Hi In Po Ca 204 Ek 56E Eleven Kingdoms Capital


The Eleven Kings subsector consists mainly of an arc of systems running diagonally across its center, separated from the central density of Coality space by the Willow Gulf.


The Eleven Kingdoms emerged during the final years of the Second Age, and was one of the few interstellar governments to survive the Collapse with its control and technology relatively intact. Still, the Eleven Kingdoms felt the pressure of the Collapse and, when contact was made with the new, expanding Third Imperium, they were unable to put up a unified resistance. A brief, bitter war ensued (3300-3359), characterized by infighting as much as conquest.

Culture and Politics

Today, the Eleven Kingdoms are considered Earldoms in the peerage. The customs and language of the ancient Kingdoms are retained throughout the E.K. worlds. E.K. are heavily populated worlds noted for their traditional Royalist leanings, and, with the notable exception of Johan, Coality influence is weak.


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