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Part of the Universal Planet Profile (UPP), ranks technological advancement available in system. The highlighted boxes indicate a breakthrough or bellwether technology of the Level.

Tech Level Matrix

Tech Level Description Energy Transportation Computing Communications Medicine Environment
0 None/Primitive Muscles Legs Fingers Runners Lore Caves, huts, hunting and gathering
1 Bronze age Water, wood Animal drawn cart, trireme Abacus, geometry, trigonometry Signaling Diagnosis Irrigation, settlements, towns, animal husbandry
2 Pre-Industrial Wind Caravel Algebra Printing press Anatomy Cities, canals, roads
3 Early Industrial Electricity Hot air balloon Calculus Telegraph, crude audio recording Surgery Cement structures
4 Steam Age Coal and steam Locomotive, ironclads Mechanical calculators Telephone Pathology, antiseptics, anaesthetics Crude natural terraforming, cities in exotic/inhospitable locations
5 Combustion Age Petrochemicals, internal combustion Automobile, early fixed wing aircraft Electric calculators Radio, radar, sonar Vaccination, x-ray, clinical psychoanalysis Crude sealed/conditioned cities
6 Atomic Age Nuclear fission Advanced fixed wing aircraft Electronics, crude Model/1 bis Television Antivirals, prosthetics Skyscrapers, weather prediction, underground cities
7 Early Information Age Solar, fuel cells Jet aircraft, helicopters, nuclear vessels, crude spacecraft Personal computers, expert systems, Model/2 mainframes Early satellite, audiovisual recording, magnetic data storage Organ transplant, chemotherapy Cities in any terrain
8 Information Age Geothermal Multiple re-entry spacecraft, nuclear submarines Handheld computers, massively parallel processing, neural networks, Model/2 bis Fiber optics, internet Artificial organs, metabolic drugs (slow drug) Orbital settlements, early weather control
9 Fusion Age Early fusion, improved batteries Orbital craft, manned deep space craft Non-Volatile/High Data, vocal I/O, Model/3 Video telephone, flat screen, audiovisual pattern recognition, smart text translation Limb regeneration, cryogenics, fast drugs Arcologies, orbital cities
10 Early Stellar 2KL fusion plants Jump ships Early synaptics, voice based natural recognition, Model/4 Holovision Antiviral vaccines, cancer cure, genetic growth quickening High pressure cities (undersea, under ice)
11 Average Stellar Gravitics, 1KL fusion plants Grav vehicles Synaptic learning processors, handheld computer agents, Model/5 Personal global communications Nerve refusion and regeneration, artificial eyes Gravitic structures
12 Average Stellar 250L fusion plants, advanced fuel cells Grav vehicles Low autonomous robots, Model/6 Real-time multilingual translators Broad spectrum anti-toxins, enhanced prosthetics Xeno-terraforming
13 High Average Stellar 3Kw/L fusion output, miniature superbatteries Grav vehicles AI, holocrystal storage, high autonomous robots, Model/7 Holovid recorders, hyperdensity data encryption (allows Credits) Stasis cloning, reanimation, early genetic engineering Advanced weather control
14 High Stellar Fusion Plants 100L Grav vehicles Cybernetics, mind/machine interface, Model/8 Early meson communicators Advanced genetic engineering, memory erasure Autonomic habitats
15 High Stellar (Coality Maximum) Fusion output 6Kw per L Grav vehicles Pseudo-reality computers, androids, Model/9 Meson communicators, pseudo-reality Anagathics, advanced cybernetic prosthesis Synthetic terraforming, Gravitic cities
16 Future Technology Antimatter Advanced grav vehicles (Hyper-G) Procreative machine sophonts, biocomputing, nanocomputing Personal meson communicators Nanomedicine, gene control Large scale (moon-sized) orbitals
17 Future Technology  ? Limited matter transportation devices (Matryeshka Drive) Sentience capture and transfer Pseudo-reality mass communication Autonomic nanomedicine, selective memory erasure and reconstruction Mobile worlds
18 Future Technology  ? Warp Drive, arbitrary matter teleportation  ? Trans-light communication Perpetual rejuvination, clone and merge Ringworlds, Dyson spheres, rosettes

Cells in red represent a watershed technology of the tech level

Coality Technology

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