Cobra-class 400t Close Escort

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Link to Cobra class specs on Freelance Traveller

CE-13  COBRA   CE-4144452-300000-44003-0  MCr 334.92  400 tons
       batteries bearing         22  1               Crew=12
               batteries         22  1               TL=13
Passengers=0. Low=0. Cargo=4. Fuel=180. EP=17. Agility=1. Marines=0
Tonnage:        400 tons (standard), 5600 cubic meters.
Crew:           4 officers, 8 ratings
Performance:    Jump 4, 4-G, Power Plant 4, 17 EP, Agility 1.
Electronics:    Model/5 computer.
Hardpoints:     4 hardpoints.
Armament:       One twin fusion gun turret (factor 4x2),
                One triple missile turret (factor 3),
                Two triple beam laser turrets (factor 4x2).
Defenses:       Armored hull (factor 3)
Craft:          20-ton gig.
Fuel:           180 tons, on board scoops and purification plant.
Cost:           MCr 334.92 standard, MCr 267.936 in quantity.
Const. Time:    16 months individually, 11 months in quantity


Built by Ling Standard Products, the CE-13 Cobra class was designed to meet a specification for a revenue-collection/anti-piracy vessel which could also perform reconnaissance/courier duties with the main Imperial fleets. Each of the fusion guns in the two-ton double turret are fired separately by the Chief Gunner and thus are each counted as a separate battery.

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