Geronimo IN 4880

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Python-class 400t Patrol Corvette



USP EX-41358E2-240000-40003-0 MCr 323.690
400 Tons
TL: 15
Maneuver: 5
Jump: 3
Computer: Model/5fib
Sensors: Medium
Comms: Medium
EP: 16
Agility: 5
Size: Average
1x Attack 4 (Pulse Lasers)
1x Attack 3 (Missiles)
Sandcasters Defense 4
Armor 2


Fuel: 152.000  
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Jump-3 plus 28 days running fuel


1 x 30t Shuttlecraft

Passengers and Cargo

Cargo: 13.000t
6 Staterooms (Crew's Quarters)
Passengers: 2 Mid
Low Passage: 6 
Emergency Low: 6 
Autodoc: 1
Acceleration Couches: 12


    2x Triple Pulse Laser: factor 4
    1x Triple Missile: factor 3 (HE and standard AP; 3x Nuclear)
    1x Triple Sandcaster: factor 4


Crew: 12
    Navigator (Captain)
    2 Engineers
    1 Marine Officer 
    3 Marine Gunners
    3 Marine Commandos
  • Captain and Navigator: (Lt.Cmdr Lander) Nav-2 Pilot-1 Ship's Boat-1 Computer-1 Liaison-1 Medical-1 Gunnery-1 Ship Tactics-2 Admin-2 - WOUNDED
  • First Officer and Pilot: (Lt. Collier) Pilot-2 Nav-1 Comm-2 Computer-2 Laser Rifle-2 Vacc Suit-2 - KILLED in Invasion of STAN
  • COB: (MCPO) Comm-1 Sensors-1 Engineering-1 Electrical-3 Mechanical-1 Ship's Boat-2 Wheeled Vehicle-1 Vacc Suit-1 (Tinika Vashinkya)
  • Engineers
    • Engineer: (CPO) Engineering-3 Computer-2 Gravitics-2 Vacc Suit-1 - KILLED
    • Engineer's Mate: (PO) Engineering-2 Computer-1 Mechanical-1 Air/Raft-2
  • Marine Officer: (Lt. Scribner) Energy Weapons-1 Heavy Weapons-1 Ship's Boat-2 Grav Vehicle-1 Combat Rifle-1 Cutlass-2 Battle Dress-1 Tactics-1 Medical-1 - DEAD
  • 3 Marine Gunners: Gauss Rifles (sighted and grav compensated), Snub Pistols, Combat Armor
    • Gunner 1: (SSgt) Gunnery-2 Cbt.Rifle-2 Demolitions-1 Computer-1 Streetwise-1 - DEAD
    • Gunner 2: (PFC) Gunnery-2 Cbt.Rifle-1 Laser Pistol-1 Snub Pistol-1 Brawling-1 - DEAD
    • Gunner 3: (PFC) Gunnery-1 Cbt.Rifle-1 Vacc Suit-2 - DEAD
  • 3 Marine Commandos: Battle Dress and PGMP-14
    • Commando 1: (Sgt) Energy Weapons-2 Heavy Weapons-1 Cutlass-1 Brawling-1 Battle Dress-1 - WOUNDED
    • Commando 2: (PFC Herraco) Energy Weapons-1 Cbt.Rifle-1 Cutlass-2 Battle Dress-1 - CRITICALLY WOUNDED - Now believed to be infected with a symbiont.
    • Commando 3: (PFC) Energy Weapons-1 Brawling-2 Battle Dress-1
    • (Marine squad has 1x VRF Gauss tripod mount, 1x 5.7kg mortar)


  • Crew of the Freya
  • Puela Hecate
  • Tlen, ISA Xenologist

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