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The Imperial Science Academy has a request for high passage charter for six scientists from Murk to the scout base on Vesarelict, deep in Farlight subsector. The scientists will relieve the current crew of six, who will need return passage back to Coality space.

Itinerary and Compensation

The approved Jump-2 itinerary is as follows:

  2. Sea of Gold
  3. Right Angle
  4. Deep Adit
  5. Fifth Finger
  6. Danxcza
  7. Frije
  8. Hueng
  9. Barnhard
  10. Chris
  11. Huddoghter
  12. Vesarelict

Round trip is Cr240,000 per person, for a total of Cr1,340,000. Payment is Cr670,000 up front and Cr670,000 upon return.

Travel Considerations

The ISA will issue letters of authorized passage for all six scientists, and the charter vessel will become a civilian naval charter with Imperial papers for the duration of the engagement. All scientists are fully insured by the Imperium.

The Scientists

  • Dr. Franz Woeppen, m, age 52, Astrophysicist and team lead. Ex-Navy. Computer-2 Navigation-2 Sensors-2 Admin-1 Liaison-1
  • Puela Hecate, f, age 44, Stellar Cartographer. Scout Detached Duty. Pilot-2 Navigation-3 Survey-3 Vacc Suit-1
  • Dr. James Coates, m, age 34, Astrophysicist. Computer-1 Navigation-1
  • Dr. Larimee Coates, f, age 34, Astrophysicist. Computer-1 Navigation-1
  • Assoc. Ferdinand St. Argentine, m, 28, Xenolinguist. Computer-1
  • Assoc. Goldie French, m, age 32, Technician. Computer-3 Robotics-2 Cybernetics-1 Electronics-1

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