Invasion of STAN

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Ambush PLAN A


Order of Battle

Mishatan Irregular Navy

Admiral K'gyrgolonyrr commanding

  • Carriage Return, 2000-ton Mishatan Teardrop. Fighter carrier deploying Task Force Ivan and Canter.
  • Task Force Ivan (11 Light Fighters): 11 5-ton grav bots, laser armed.
  • Task Force Canter (28 Light Fighters): 3 5-ton grav bots laser armed, 21 5-ton grav bots fusion armed, 4 8-ton grav bots fusion armed.
  • Memory Lane, 2000-ton Mishatan Teardrop. Flagship of Mishatan elements. Carrier deploying Task Force Hercules.
  • Task Force Hercules (1 Light SDB, 2 Medium Missile Bombers, 4 Medium Fighters): 100-ton SDB (missile, h-missile, and laser), 2 50-ton cutters (missile and h-missile), 3 15-ton laser strikers, 1 15-ton h-missile striker. TF Hercules will have human and vargr pilots and crew. Commander Karidian commanding
  • Task Force Narwhal (2 Lifters): 2 2000-ton Mishatan Teardrops, the Driven Snow and Being of Sound Mind. Vargr crew.
  • It's Complicated, 2000-ton Mishatan Teardrop. In reserve, near STAN system.

Imperial Navy

  • Geronimo IN 4880 400-ton patrol corvette (missile, h-missile, and laser). Geronimo is crewed by human IN and Scout personnel. Lt.Commander Lander commanding


Hostiles are Silis Xenomorphs. The transport generation ship is believed to host an unknown number of the Rift Symbiotes. Combat details are summarized under Xenomorph Predators.

  • Alpha group (1,000,000t transport call sign Gold Item, approximately 90-120 alien "Predator" fighters flying CAP: main target of ambush.
  • Beta group (50-70 "Predator" fighters): Flying approximately 6 hours in advance of Alpha. Plans A and B calls for letting them pass by to focus resources on Alpha group.
  • Gamma group (20-50 "Predator" fighters and 2 unidentified 2000t ships): Flying approximately 30 hours trailing. Not expected to be a factor in initial battle.


Phase I

Task Force Ivan attack tailing elements of the hostiles. Primary goal is to determine hostile's ability to discomfit or disable robotic attackers.

Decision Point:

If hostiles can disable or discomfit robots, TF Ivan is ineffective, and much of the Mishatan attacking force is at risk. Proceed to PLAN B. If NO, continue:

TF Ivan's secondary goal is to elicit a response from hostiles, drawing Predator drones away from Gold Item so that pursuing hostiles will be out of range for attack of Phase II.

Commit Task Force Canter. Ivan and Canter skirmish with Predators opportunistically.

Decision Point:

If hostiles take the bait: TFs Ivan and Canter execute a fighting withdrawal back to mothership. If hostiles do not take the bait: TFs Ivan and Canter pursue hostiles and offer fighter protection to TF Hercules in Phase II. Mothership accelerates to rendezvous point Bingo.

Phase II

At the moment hostile Alpha fleet approaches the hidden Geronimo, commit Task Force Hercules to flank attack. Primary goal is to disable point defense of Gold Item so that nuclear attacks strike home. If successful, or if no point defense found, secondary goal is to identify any vulnerabilities of Gold Item and communicate to Geronimo. Tertiary goal is to attack Gold Item opportunistically, including nuclear attack.

After hostile's defenses have been committed, Geronimo launches ambush attack on Gold Item.

Phase III

Regardless of outcome of Phase II, TF Hercules withdraw to flagship Memory Lane at rallying point Able. If hostiles did not take the bait in Phase I, TF Hercules can optionally withdraw to mothership Carriage Return at rallying point Bingo.

Counterattacking or pursuing hostiles will be met with Task Force Narwhal arriving in flank of line of pursuit. If no pursuit, TF Narwhal can be deployed on main hostile group as needed.


Plan B is triggered if it is determined during Phase I that the automated elements of the Mishatan Navy are ineffective. The effective combat elements become Task Force Hercules and the Geronimo. All other elements are relegated to support and diversion.

Phase II

At the moment the hostile Alpha fleet approaches Geronimo, commit four medium fighters in Task Force Hercules to flank attack, while remaining elements circle to a vector rear of the Alpha fleet's approach, opposite Geronimo.

After hostile's defenses have been committed, Geronimo and remaining elements of TF Hercules attack simultaneously.

Phase III

Geronimo and TF Hercules scatter opportunistically to any available Teardrop, including Task Force Narwhal.


If the hostile Beta group detects the ambush and does not pass by, Task Force Narwhal will engage hostiles.

If the Geronimo is detected prior to Phase II, it joins Task Force Hercules under Karidian's command, and ambush proceeds as planned without surprise.


PLAN A executed. Phase I executed. TF Ivan engaged enemy without being compromised. Computer systems disabled but AI core shielding and EC prevented hostiles from taking over elements, although with continued nav, comm, and sensor difficultes, only one unit reported maneuver and weapons issues. Resume PLAN A.

TF Canter committed. Hostile force of 50-60 Predators detached from Gold Item and attacked. TF Ivan engaged hostiles at visual range. Heavy casualties (8 tac robots lost in initial engagement). TF Ivan and TF Canter scatter. Pockets of fighting continue for next four hours with continued casualties.

Phase II executed as Gold Item did not alter course toward STAN. TF Hercules attacked, hostiles committed remaining 35 Predators. TF Hercules targeted what seemed to be a main power reactor and succeeded in hitting with two h-missiles. Geronimo attacked and hit with four h-missiles. Succeeded in disabling Gold Item and fracturing hull, zero maneuver and secondary power eruptions along ship.

TF Hercules suffered heavy casualties as well. SDB radiation damage, recovered and operational; both Medium Missile Bombers rammed and destroyed, one instantly and the second by apparent self-destruct. 1 of 4 Medium Fighters destroyed, another attacked by radiation and disabled.

IN Geronimo rammed and boarded by hostiles. Shuttle returning Commander Karidian to Geronimo also dispatched Vargr marines to attempt to regain control of ship.

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