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Her Excellency Jee Fesal haup Regneurial is a Deputy Magistrate under His Excellency Magistrate Oliver Dowd. She is a tall, athletic woman 40s, thin face and crystal blue eyes. Shaved bald and dresses in monochromatic, expensive, well-maintained cloth armor suits with a hood. Often carries a shoulder purse and Wakizashi.

Jee Fesal is the second child of the Marquis of Regneurial, a graduate of the Imperial Academy, a student of history and fencing. She took her Magesterial vows soon after graduation.

Deputy Magistrate are required to take the same oath as full Magistrates. However, their trust circle ends at the Magistrate to which they hold fealty. (The Magistrate is in turn trusted by the Emperor personally)

Situation 2014

Her Excellency is traveling under the alias Helen Dakro

Her Excellency is a formidable combatant in close action. STR + Fight (stepped up if one on one) + a Duelist Distinction + 2 d8 Signature Assets (Katana and Cloth Armor) = rolling d10 + d12 + 3d8! Shane Kolflower

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