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Name: Jejours
Subsector: Trireme
Sector: Bey-Partial
Coordinates: 0915 (F0105)
UWP: C9C056E-9-804
Starport: C: Fair
Size: 9: Large (13600-15200 km)
Atmosphere: C: Insidious
Hydrographics: No liquid water
Population: 800,000
Govt: Captive Government
Law Level: 14: Police State
Technology: 9: Fusion Age
Native Life: Sterile
Planetoid Belts: 0
Gas Giants: 4
Allegiance: Imperial
Bases: None
Travel Zone: Red

Trade Codes: Desert,Non-industrial,
Resources: Barren (0),
Export: None

Shown: Cloudworlds

Jejours is a high gravity, dangerously inhospitable world originally colonized as a monastery; now Jejours is used as a planet of exile. Jejours is rated Red by TAS, ships entering Jejours space will be escorted by Naval SDB to high port, refueled and escorted to jump distance. All commerce and communication are handled through the Imperial Navy.

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