Mid-Season Changes

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Holographically-Rigged Cargo Deck

Dorothy Hidden Compartments gets a trigger. These aren't the droids you're looking for: Spend 1PP to give an opponent a d8 Misdirected Complication when the ship is under search.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Security Drone Sec-5

Dorothy's AI was given control of a standard shipboard security drone, loaded with Security-2, Medic-2, and Steward-2 Software. It is a Mishatan build made for standard interplanetary use, armed with modest nonlethal weapons only. Dorothy has upgraded its communications so that it is slaved to her mind.

Loaded for Bear

Armory listings class of weapon-tech level. They are all high quality and high tech, and other than the Amp plasma rifles, all are Mishatan TL-15 manufacture.

Personal Non-Lethal

  • Bolo-2, magnetic, adhesive, entangling
  • Taser-5
  • Grenade Thrower-7 (concussion, smoke, sick, tear gas, flare, firecracker grenades)
  • 4x Snub Pistol-8, detachable shoulder stock (slug, sticky, firecracker rounds)
  • 2x Stun Gun-11
  • 8x Stun Stick-11
  • Sonic Projector-12

Personal Combat

  • 4x Saber-3, advanced material
  • Rapier-3, advanced material
  • Hunting Rifle-5, advanced optical sighting
  • Improved Assault Shotgun-7 (various shot)
  • 2x RF SMG-8, detachable stock
  • 2x 9mm Pistol-8
  • Combat Rifle-9, lightweight, advanced sighting

Zero-G Combat

  • 2x Advanced Laser Rifle-13, 4x battery pack, field recharger
  • Recoilless Propelled-shell Combat Rifle-13

Paramilitary Combat

  • Grenades (HE, concussion, smoke, sick, tear gas, flare, firecracker, incendiary)
  • Claymores and Explosives
  • Heavy Grenade Multi-launcher-10, shoulder stock and tripod (any grenade type)
  • 2x RF ACR-12, HUD integration
  • 2x RF ACR-12, HUD integration, Grenade Launcher under (any grenade type)
  • VRF Gauss Rifle-13
  • VRF Gauss Carbine-13
  • 2x Plasma Carbine-15 (from Amp system)


  • Rockets (AP, HE)
  • Rocket Launcher-5
  • Anti-Tank Rocket Multi-launcher-10
  • PGMP-15


  • 4x Riot Gear-12, shield
  • Stealth Suit-12
  • 4x Ablat Skinsuit-13
  • 4x CES-13
  • 4x Reflec Suit-13, mirror shield
  • 2x Chameleon Suit-14
  • 2x Exotic Environment Armored Vacc Suit-14
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