Mishatan Teardrop

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A class of 2000+t lifters designed and built privately in Mishatan system. Designed around a simple teardrop shape classified as "partially streamlined", although only rarely found in atmosphere. Teardrop lifters offer passenger and cargo transportation, including Starship transport up to 400t in some cases. The ships are highly automated and are generally believed to be sentient or near-sentient.

Teardrop Class

Teardrop Ships Encountered

  • Priority Interrupt, 2000dt
  • Finger Puzzle, 2500dt
  • Happenstance, 2000dt

  • Memory Lane, 2000dt
  • Driven Snow, 2000dt
  • (Being of) Sound Mind, 2000dt
  • It's Complicated, 2000dt
  • Carriage Return, 2000dt

  • Nom Nom Nom, 2000dt

  • Matter of Consequence, 2000dt
  • Mutagen, 1600dt
  • Saturday Night Special, 2000dt

  • Dirty Bit, 2000dt
  • Race Condition, 2500dt
  • Panic Button, 2000dt
  • Undertaker's Paradox, 2000dt
  • Stack Overflow, 2200dt


MT-2000 TEARDROP MT-4144452-300000-44003-0  MCr Unknown  2000 tons
      batteries bearing         Unknown               Crew=Unknown
              batteries         Unknown               TL=15
Passengers=Varies. Low=Varies. Cargo=Varies. Fuel=800. EP=Unknown. Agility=4. Marines=0.

Tonnage:        2000 tons (standard).
Crew:           Unknown
Performance:    Jump 3, 4-G, Power Plant 4, 17 EP, Agility 1.
Electronics:    Model/9fib computer.
Hardpoints:     Unknown
Armament:       Unknown
Defenses:       Armored hull (factor unknown)
Craft:          Varies
Fuel:           800 tons, on board scoops and purification plant.
Cost:           Unknown
Const. Time:    Unknown
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