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Mission: Children's Crusade


The Dorothy arrives in Yhro system, Jump-3 from Deep Adit and therefore a full week ahead of Ursu Flight and news from Right Angle and Deep Adit. This gives the crew and its passenger, Deputy Magistrate Jee Fesal, reasonable cover and some time to act. Travelling under the pseudonym Judith Garland.

The plan is thin, highly speculative, and the crew is working on good faith that their safety, let alone a payout, is forthcoming. Such as it is, the plan is to arrive at Yhro under cover of making civilian merchant contact with whatever agency or authority is open to it. Covertly, the goal is to go planetside and contact anti-Prokoetaal agents (if they exist), and to assess the current whereabouts of the enslaved friends and family of the Imperial Nobility who were murdered eight years prior during the Massacre of Mohan. From there, if possible, the goal is to stage a rescue. Barring that, the goal will be to return actionable information to the Magistrate's office.

The information for the Mission is gathered from two covert sources:

  • A member of the prefecture government in Mohan who is apparently sympathetic to either the Imperium or the humanitarian cause of the victims of the Massacre. This individual is probably a male working in the executive offices at Mohan's capital building. His self-applied code name is Bronze Star. The Magistrate's office received five covert messages from the source in the first three years, then nothing since.
  • An undercover TAS journalist by the name of Eamanuel Eax (EE) that survived the Massacre and went underground. His early reporting on Mohan, Yhro, and Amp is available in public record, but his work after the Massacre has been classified by the IN. He was presumed dead after his dispatches stopped six years ago, but he re-emerged, filing 14 months ago from Prokoete. (TAS has been outlawed in Prokoetaal space except in the capital, Prokoete, where they are set up to parrot rubber-stamped Prokoetaal propoganda.)

Please see the Situation in 4014 section of Yhro and Mohan for background on those two systems.

Act I

Dorothy arrives in Yhro, and is sent to parking orbit around the main planet. Watching their time advantage bleed off, the crew spend two and a half days awaiting instructions. Finally, the ship is boarded and inspected, and a permit to land is granted. The Prokoetaal do not see through the Yang Merchant identities. At downport, Captain Freesh is amused and intrigued by the charms of a female First Officer, and grants the Dorothy special consideration: berth, fuel, and access to town.

Evening of Day 3 is spent at a bar, where Jill rocks the local scene, but spending the time on stage does not allow her to make inquiries or connections. Captain Quinn also does not do well scoping the place for trouble. Only Biscuit, using his intimate knowledge of pharmaceuticals, manages to delve into the Yhro subculture. Biscuit and "Judith" (Her Excellency Jee Fesal) attend an all-nighter deep in town, where a connection is made to possible subversives. Judith opens up just enough to get a time and a place.

Day 4 is Jill Dyvrii's date with Captain Freesh. The decision to put a bug on Jill backfires disastrously (with a Botch), and she is arrested. The honeymoon with Captain Freesh is over, and the crew now are under a constant cloud of Suspicion (d12). He needed little excuse to try to extort the Yang merchants, and now he has the perfect leverage, and he still has nagging doubts about their neutrality.

Quinn, Biscuit, and "Judith" meet at a warehouse deep in Yhro, where they successfully gain the trust of the Mohan Resistance when Jee Fesal reveals her identity and purpose. Their leader is Patch, Male mid-30's, a Yhro native. Several of the nobles on Jee Fesal's list are in hiding at the warehouse (see updated noble list and statuses), as well as a journalist and Imperial sympathizer Hart Galen. Hart is not in hiding, but he does want to get out of Prokoetaal space and report the story. He has several aliases and access to TAS facilities in Prokoete, where he believes his infamous colleague EE has gone to ground.

Biscuit and Jee Fesal spend the evening planning the breakout of First Officer Dyvrii. Their planning is interrupted when the Captain simply gets Freesh on the horn and the crew negotiates a bribe in exchange for his XO. Freesh wants the Dorothy to smuggle some cargo in from Amp, and will put a warrant officer and Marine Sergeant aboard to make sure things go smoothly. Freesh makes the mistake of letting Jill Dyvrii free on good faith that the Dorothy will make the Amp run as promised.

Now into Day 5 and their timing advantage nearly spent, Captain Quinn and the crew make arrangements to secure their passengers aboard, as well as legitimate cargo. Through a broker named Elf Danturemafh, Quinn on-boards 25dt of pre-inspected high density crystals, sneaking the nobles and the journalist on board in the same truck. The Prokoetaal passengers also come aboard, and the ship heads into space to make the jump to Prokoete.

Curtain closes when the Prokoetaal officers notice all the cargo with bound papers to Prokoete. Jee Fesal deploys her katana and the crew disarms their prisoners.

Act II

Please see Prokoete and Prokoetaal League for background on the planet and its people.

Locations on Prokoete

Mentioned in the discussion of the list of nobles

  • Prokoete Spaceport is the main civilian Downport, adjacent to Capital City. It is 120km2 with industrial and commercial areas to support intra- and interplanetary commerce. Fast transport to all Capital City and planetary destinations, as well as Highport (Prokoete Orbital). Planetary Ground Control operates out of this spaceport, and most nonmilitary planetary traffic comes through here.
    • Perimeter Security— Access to Spaceport is gated for foot and ground traffic, ID check and active scanners. Air/Raft traffic must use ground traffic gates.
    • Department Commerciale offices in Prokoete Spaceport is where trade visas can be obtained and currency exchanged. Located in a central multiplex along with various municipal offices and light industry. All passengers heading off-planet or arriving from off-planet go through the Spaceport's central customs, along with any of their personal effects and baggage. Customs security is military and has the authority to make arrests. Passengers go to and from their ships via a Spaceport tram, which is also run by Spaceport security.
    • Cargo Tower 2— The half-mile high tower where the Dorothy is berthed. Towers are banks of freight and passenger elevators, fuel and supply lines, communications, and utility mechanics. Freight elevators are mechanical and slow, passenger elevators are gravitic and fast.
      • Platform 4A is the semi-circular platform on Cargo Tower 2 where the Dorothy is berthed. Platforms have elevator stops, loading/unloading equipment (cranes, grav sleds), small utilitarian office space for Spaceport crew and security (shared between Platforms 4A and 4B). Platforms are monitored from a connected observation deck, as well as remotely via AV feed.
      • At the ground level of the Cargo Towers, the Lading Berth is where freight and passengers go through inventory and customs. The Lading Berth consists of:
      • Freight loading/unloading: drive-up loading and unloading of freight for transport. Tagged and sealed right on the spot by crew. Freight crew runs scans and supplies visual inspection.
      • Tram station: passengers coming from customs arrive via tram and continue on to a secure elevator directly to their ship.
      • Attached underground warehouse where cargo is stored pending access/egress.
      • Note that crew and Spaceport personnel do not have to use the secure passenger elevators, can use any of three smaller freight elevators.
  • Yang AG Mail Center is an automated office near the Department Commerciale.
  • Traveller's Aid Society offices consist of lodging, storage, communications, and legal services for members. Non-members may contract for services. Located in industrial area outside the planet's main commercial spaceport. Facilities consist of a block of lower floors in a skyscraper, an enjoining warehouse, and a large hangar facility at the spaceport. It is staffed by locals via a management agency, and managed by the Scout Service. Scout couriers arrive from Windsock (via Cimini) every six to eight months. TAS has a small office directly in the spaceport administrative building as well, where it maintains a permanent orbital radio station and satellite.
  • Mohan Prefecture Government offices, Capital City. Located in two large estate buildings within the municipal complex known as the Annex, a ten building walled cluster guarded by Prokoetaal military police. The Prefecture bureaucracy is in the Main Estate building, where the Information, Commerce, and Justice divisions conduct affairs of state. The second building consists of family residences, lodging, and facilities for Mohan nationals. Access to the Annex requires diplomatic standing or a worker permit.
  • Prokoetaal Academy and OCS, federated land outside Capital City. It is a huge all ages, all-male military boarding school and training area. Academy graduates form entire elite units as well as line officers and specialists. Facilities include artillery range, mobilized infantry and ground support training areas, electronic warfare center, diplomatic corps, and space command. Specialized Academy facilities and barracks are dotted throughout Capital City and spaceport. Civilian access with a visitor's pass.
  • "Concentration Camp" could be one of about six large prisons near population centers. The nearest, two hours by tram from Capital City, is typical: a walled area, main prison with administrative office and housing, separate prison housing, and two factories. It is maximum security due to the proximity to the Capital and most high visibility prisoners are sent here. No civilian access.
  • "Re-education" could be anywhere, but re-education where higher visibility subjects are brainwashed is likely to be the infamous Doeloeh Youth Academy in Capital City. Doeloeh is a single skyscraper in the Government district in Capital City. As the premier educational facility in the entire polity, it is common to see the Prokoetaal elite on campus grounds. Upper floors are dedicated to full time residences, immersive learning environments, and deep simulation. Doeloeh has open access areas on the ground floor. A rooftop park also has public access via public grav bus. All other campus areas require a visitor's pass at a minimum.
  • Bight 32 is a breeding creche in the heart of Capital City, in a subterranean pressurized creche in the low-rent industrial part of town. One of two high security creches in the city.

Watching the Skies

Day 1: Dorothy arrives in Prokoete. The shuttlecraft is discharged with the refugees and two Prokoetaal prisoners, captained by the CPO and Engineer's Mate, and will be flying dark while the Dorothy goes in-system. Dorothy refuels at Gas Giant Phi, then is commanded to Prokoete orbit for inspection. The Prokoetaal elite inspection team, miraculously, finds nothing. A second inspection planetside also finds nothing, temporarily lifting the veil of suspicion. For now the authorities accept that the crew are Yang AG merchants. Travel visas are issued for Quinn, Jill, Biscuit, and "Judith".

Day 2: Now planetside, the goal is to contact the resistance in order to find the two Crystache nobles Udora and Felix. Jill Dyvrii maintains the merchant face and takes care of business, while making some subtle inquiries at the Mohan Prefecture at the Annex. Some fruitful smooth talking gets an appointment with Deputy Prefect Walluarbinam ("call me Wally"). The Deputy Prefect makes an incautious advance on Jill, but it turns out he has guessed the real reason for the meeting is not his charm but the opportunity this represents to some of the victims of the Mohan occupation. In exchange for his help getting some of the nobles smuggled out, Jill agrees to help get some of his refugees out as well.

Meanwhile, Quinn, Biscuit, and the Magistrate hit the shady side of Capital City chasing an email exchange with an anonymous contact. They pick up a tail out of spaceport, but manage to shake him at a coffee shop. They meet the contact and agree to follow him to "mutual friends", but the tail called in the police and the three crewmembers are handcuffed and thrown into a grav ATV, where they are interrogated. They hold on to their story despite being roughed up. They are tossed into an alley, roughed up some more, and left. The contact disappears in the wake of the beatings.

Day 3: At a spaceport hotel, the crew get a call in the wee hours for a meetup. They meet the Prokoete resistance at a hobo park, along with Udora hault Crystache. They retire to a safehouse where they meet Felix II, Viscount Crystache, who is living two lives as a wanted terrorist and an Academy-trained Lieutenant. The Crew (with Jill calling in remotely) go over the nobles list with the two Crystache nobles and discuss options.

Act III: Breakout


Udora will board the Dorothy as a Yang employee, replacing the Deputy Magistrate. Udora will refuse to go unless her daughters are with her. She feels compelled to insist that an attempt is made to rescue her niece from creche slavery as well. Additionally, the Crystache noble held at the prefecture can be transferred to the ship.

  • Mohan Refugees
    • Deputy Prefect Wally will beg for more time; will beg for Mohan refugees to join the Dorothy.
    • Wants 20 children plus two "chaperones" (who will be refugees in disguise), and six low passengers.
    • Can provide two extra papers of transfer for the two Crystache girls.
    • If the papers pass examination, all children should go through right out in the open, along with two chaperones.
    • Getting the staterooms set up for 6 to a room will take some time and work.
    • The two scavenged low passage berths will have to be rebuilt.
  • Udora hault Crystache will board the Dorothy as the Yang AG crewmember Judith Garland.
  • Theodore hault Crystache, the man under Neural Shunt
    • Will board by Medical Transfer.
    • Forging of papers of transfer, handled by the Deputy Prefect.
    • Shipping him to lading berth near the Dorothy.
    • Passing him off as Low Passage when moving him from lading and getting him stowed.
  • Udora II and Panwenna
    • Will be smuggled aboard with the Mohan refugees.
    • Prefect's Office forging papers of transfer.
    • Possibly convincing a chaperone, or distracting one.
    • Persuading the two girls you are going to help, and get them to cooperate.
    • If Wally provides transfer papers, the two girls will join the rest of the refugees.
  • Hali hault Crystache is being held in Bight 32 Creche.
    • Distraction? Power outage?
    • Hack security cameras?
    • Overcome security?
    • Extract her from the creche?
    • Get damning information from their computer?
    • Getaway?
    • How to smuggle her to spaceport lading berth?
    • Get her moved and stowed to ship?
  • TAS Journalist Eax — this has yet to be investigated.

Departure set at early morning of Day 5.

Day 3

Deputy Prefect "Wally" begs for 22, but compromises at 15 to accommodate the Imperium noble girls and boarding constraints of the Dorothy. Creates a fictional educational junket to Mohan and populates it with fake Mohanese people, to be filled with three political refugees and their families. Jill Dyvrii accepts the job officially, even calls Prokoete customs to confirm details, just to make it look above board.

Jill Dyvrii escorts the TAS journalist Galen to TAS offices in Capital City. They meet an AI from Mishatan named Puusi who is the concierge. Galen is able to extract EE's story. Jill talks Galen into writing another story that could incite the resistance, although the content of the story changes after the extract at Bight 32.

Quinn, Biscuit, and Jee Fesal work with the Viscount and Udora to plan the breakout of Hali from Bight 32.

Day 4

Ship preparation and resupply. Extra food, water, and O2 onboarded. Landing boot disabled just in case. Biscuit builds bunk space for 24. Departure papers submitted.

Day 5

2AM: the assault and extraction from Bight 32: Viscount Felix II, Quinn, Biscuit, and Jee Fesal roll up disguised as a security patrol. Met at the entrance by one of the (legitimate) police who beat them up, is recognized. With a pre-negotiated signal, Jee Fesal decapitates him. Biscuit hacks system but all activity on the security panel is connected to a city-wide security grid, so there is no preventing actions from escalating quickly. The combat trio take out a security robot, find the girl mind wiped and living in a horrific breeding hell. Biscuit draws down on two orderlies. Data extracted shows that the facility is not just to create babies, but used as a sick punishment and humiliation, with feeds drawn up and subscriptions sold. A nearby terrorist attack by the resistance distracts emergency personnel while the assault team leaves the area to pull up at the lading berth by 4am.

4AM: Jill and Udora pull in to the Doloeth Youth Academy asking for their two students, feign shock they are not ready, and patiently work to correct the "mix-up". Despite the concern and watchful eye of a school nanny, and the nervous watching the clock by the Crew, the ruse works.

5AM: Ship is loaded, lax security detects no problems.

By end of day, the Dorothy rendezvous with the Shuttle. Just as a nearby System Defense Boat orders them to heave to, the Dorothy jumps.

Act IV

The ship is over 200% maximum capacity, causing social, security, and engineering difficulties. Jill Dyvrii works with the Nobility leadership (Udora, mostly) to calm nerves and air grievances. Biscuit struggles with overloaded filtration systems and chronic supply shortages.

Windsock has a Prokoetaal vessel, unidentified but probably Ursu Flight. The Dorothy risks a quick fuel and jump. The shipboard systems start to exhibit problems with its navigation algorithms.

Dorothy arrives at Fowad nearly empty. Fortunately, there is no patrol here, just some scouts at the Class E frontier downport and a research team. Jill purchases what can be spared, and Biscuit scrounges for the rest. Next jump should be to Arami which should be the end of their supply and navigation difficulties.

Unfortunately, a bad misjump occurs, and instead of arriving at Arami, they arrive at Fifth Finger, a poor world that is directly in the Ursu Flight sphere of influence. The Dorothy is a full six days burn out from the system, further complicating problems. But most importantly, the crew declare the nav systems irreparably broken, until calibrated data can be acquired, no jump is possible. Limping inbound, they avoid detection by an unknown vessel until halfway through their refueling at a gas giant, and gain some nav updates and time by convincing fast talk by Jill Dyvrii.

The patrol vessel is a sister ship of the Tantalus, the Acidus, and demands a visual. When Dorothy takes off at full burn, the Acidus attacks, first with lasers and then with nuclear missiles. The Dorothy escapes into jumpspace in the nick of time, jumping directly to Right Angle and the safety of Coality space.


  • Brenna hault Schoke, representing the Magistrate, pays Yang AG 5MCr (5 million credits) plus complete refit for engine, life support, filtration, and instrument panel damage. Nav computer problems are corrected as part of routine maintenance.
  • Dorothy will enter the next episode with a Hot Spots (d6) Complication due to persistent issues with engine casing and drive cone.
  • The three noble families each will offer ransom directly to the Captain and crew of the Dorothy for their efforts. These ransoms will total another 8MCr to 11 MCr, deliverable to their representatives in Aonghus.
  • Hart Galen files the story of the rescue to TAS news wire, where it is classified as Top Secret by the Imperial Navy and modestly redacted (to exclude specifics of the Deputy Magistrate, and the political activity in Prokoete and Mohan).
  • The details of the nobles, the horrors of creche slavery and re-education, hit the Right Angle news wire. Requests for interviews and appearances trickle in.
  • Ship activates the Crazy Ivan Signature Asset trigger
  • Quinn increases Move to d6.
  • Biscuit and Jill bank their Episode point.

List of Imperial Nobility

FINAL STATUS at end of Mission

This is the Magistrate's list of the Imperial nobility and their family that are known to have been involved in Mohan government at the time of the Massacre. In all cases their current status is last reported, unconfirmed. Ages given at present, assuming they are alive.

Noble Families in Prokoete
House Name Age and Gender Status
Crystache Viscount Tabry, second successor to V. Crystache APG; patrician, former Minister of Finance for the Mohan Prefecture. 68 61, M Killed in captivity
Crystache Viscountess Galene, spouse to Tabry. 69 61, F Executed after Massacre of Mohan trial
Crystache Darmone hault Crystache, first in succession to Tabry 40?, F Missing, presumed dead
Crystache Felix hault Crystache, spouse to Darmone and heir by marriage; former Attache for the Mohan Prefecture. 48 41, M Executed after Massacre of Mohan trial
Crystache Viscount Felix II hault Crystache 24, M Re-education, liberated, currently a wanted terrorist at large in Prokoete. Living a double life as an Academy-trained Prokoetaal Lieutenant named Soof. Staying behind to continue resisting the Prokoetaal and to try to rescue remaining kin.
Crystache Hali hault Crystache, sister of the Viscount, second successor to Darmone. 21, F Re-education, relocated after failed liberation attempt, brainwashed creche slave at Bight 32. RESCUED
Crystache Berhold hault Crystache, third successor to Darmone. 19, M Re-education, Prokoetaal Academy OCS. Loyal to Prokoete, and due to his background, has a big chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Goes by the name "Berthar".
Crystache Udora hault Crystache, second successor to Tabry. 35, F Wanted terrorist at large in Prokoete. Returned to the Imperium with her niece and daughters. RESCUED
Crystache Rolf hault Crystache, spouse to Udora and second successor to Tabry by marriage. 49 44, M Went underground, killed during commission of terrorist attack in Mohan five years ago
Crystache Udora II hault Crystache, first successor to Udora. 15, F Re-education, Doeloeh Youth Academy. Was purchased for the comfort detail of General Tressergor, a military diplomat at Command Staff and architect of PEF capital ship acquisition. RESCUED
Crystache Panwenna hault Crystache, second successor to Udora. 11, F Re-education, Doeloeh Youth Academy. RESCUED
Crystache Theodore hault Crystache, third successor to Tabry. 32, M Held with neural shunt at the Prefecture Government estate under guard. RESCUED
Crystache Ari Suraf, fiancee to Theodore. 28, F Working for the Mohan Prefecture Government, married to a Prefecture official. Declined offer to return to Imperium.
Crystache Livia hault Crystache, fourth successor to Tabry. 25 17, F Committed suicide to avoid capture and trial during Massacre of Mohan
Lars-Trufel Baron Seneca hault Lars, first successor to Lars, Baron of Ehert; former Attache for the Mohan Prefecture within the Finance Ministry. 45, M Worked with Prokoetaal authorities and Prefecture Government until arrested for espionage and collusion with terrorists. Public confession of crimes, held in concentration camp in Prokoete
Lars-Trufel Baron Joanel hault Lars-Trufel, spouse of the first successor to Lars, and cousin to Count Trufel; former Minister of Finance in the Mohan Prefecture. 44, F Worked with Prefecture Government until arrested for espionage. Public confession of crimes, held in concentration camp in Prokoete
Lars-Trufel Benhamin hault Lars-Trufel, first successor to Lars-Trufel and heir. 14, M Re-education, Doeloeh Youth Academy.
Lars-Trufel Davis hault Lars-Trufel, twin, second successor to Lars-Trufel. 11, M Re-education, Doeloeh Youth Academy.
Lars-Trufel Leonardo hault Lars-Trufel, twin, second successor to Lars-Trufel. 11, M Re-education, Doeloeh Youth Academy.
Lars-Trufel Unknown name "Layla" hault Lars-Trufel, fourth successor to Lars-Trufel. 8, F Re-education, current whereabouts unknown, possibly Doeloeh Youth Academy.
Lars-Trufel Baronet Myatt hault Trufel, retainer for Seneca and Joanel Lars-Trufel, and cousin to Count Trufel, no heritable title. 39 35, F Eluded capture for three years, then betrayed and convicted on evidence of her husband Orrince Have. Tortured and remanded to creche slavery after trial. Killed in alleged "industrial accident" less than a year later.
Lars-Trufel Dr. Orrince Have ("Larry"), untitled, spouse to Myatt. 39, M Eluded capture for three years, then betrayed his wife Myatt and his Lars-Trufel in-laws to authorities, current status unknown.
Lars-Trufel Marsha, untitled, daughter to Myatt. 13, F Re-education Eluded capture with parents. Current status unknown, presumably with her father Dr. Orrince Have and/or undergoing re-education
Salisant Baronet Morris hault Salisant, fourth successor to Baron Salisant. 51, M In hiding in Yhro, RESCUED
Salisant Sir Akinari hault Salisant, Knight Emeritus to Salisant, no heritable title. 50, M In hiding in Yhro, RESCUED
Salisant Gere Adrianna hault Salisant, first successor to Morris and heir. 25, F In hiding in Yhro, RESCUED
Parker-Rose Lysern hault Parker-Rose, second cousin to Marquis of Rose, no heritable title. 36 30, F Captured after two years in hiding in Yhro despite failed suicide attempt, public confession of crimes, executed after trial
Parker-Rose Peri Ferthu, spouse of Lysern. 44 38, M In hiding in Yhro; after two years, committed suicide to avoid capture
Parker-Rose Rose, first child of Lysern. 12, F Re-education In hiding in Yhro, RESCUED
Parker-Rose Peri Jr., second child of of Lysern. 10, M Re-education In hiding in Yhro, RESCUED

Assets and Complications

UPDATED after Act I


  • The crew has access to Yang AG Uniforms and ID (d8) if they choose to use that as cover.
  • Starport security is not as strict as it would seem. The perimeter security is just a walk-through or drive-through ID check, unless the port goes on lockdown. Security at the docking spire focuses on inventory of cargo and passengers. Recommend the party create a Lax Starport Security (d6) Asset for the rest of the Mission, since the crew will be rolling against it several times this Act.
  • At the start of the Mission, the crew spent two PPs to have Prokoetaal Language and News Tapes (d6) to work with throughout the Mission.
  • The Dorothy has 60dt of unrefined Iodium ore. When refined and combined with other chemicals, it can be used for industrial dyes and solvents.
  • 25dt of bonded industrial crystals that the seller could not successfully bribe through the PEF for normal trade. (This is not represented by an Asset die)
  • Also in the cargo hold of Dorothy: A 30dt Shuttlecraft (d8) that is Clean as a whistle (d8) and very hard to trace.
  • Jee Fesal has Intimate Personal Details of Colonel Ursu (d6) from her three days as his shunted prisoner.
  • Brenna hault Schoke shared a Database of Border Patrol Officers (d8) that shows their propensity for corrupt behavior.

Complications and Traits

  • The Dorothy, with the battle damage left over from the Tantalus pulse lasers and sudden appearance in Prokoete, all adds up to a ship that is Suspicious (d8) to authorities. This cannot be stepped down by recovery.
  • Due to the shrinking time window and the unconscionable loss of tempo at the start of Act I, the crew finds itself Watching the Skies (d10), wondering if their ship will suddenly be seized and crew arrested when news come to Prokoete.
  • Ships landed at the docking spire are locked with a Grav Magnet (d10) parking boot, which needs to be defeated for any unauthorized takeoff.
  • The Dorothy still has unfixed Minor Hull Damage (d6) from hasty unloading of cargo during the first Mission.
  • Ships not accustomed to the frontier step up system traits for navigation, communications, or official contact, use Frontier System (d8). Typically system traits are (d4) or (d6). These are traits of the systems and cannot be brought down by Opportunities.
  • Throughout the Mission, the crew will be working undercover in The Shadow of the Prokoetaal (d8), with little room for error and disatrous consequences. This is a Mission Trait and cannot be bought down by Opportunities, in effect whenever the crew is working against Prokoetaal interests in Prokoetaal space. It is in addition to any system or feature trait in effect.
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