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About PDXRP.com

This site is set up to host this wiki, and other common resources for role-players in Portland, Oregon. Interested? I had to disable public editing due to robot attacks and vandalism, but if you're a Traveller or Science Fiction RP enthusiast and want to contribute, email me and I'll set you up with write permissions. Email me at email d0t kellfox at (google's mail service) d0t com.

RP Campaigns in this Wiki

PDX RPers: if you want to use this wiki, just make a link here to your game. Please treat it as a Wiki 'Category' and include your category tag with each page.

Coality - A non-canon Traveller universe

RP Games Represented

This is a gaming and fan fiction site. PDXRP.com is not an official publication for any of the following copyrighted works.

Traveller -- science fiction role-playing by GDW

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