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Subsector: Chrome
Sector: Bey-Partial
Coordinates: 1817 (G0207)
UWP: BA899BE-C-115
Starport: B: Good
Size: A: Large (15200-16800 km)
Atmosphere: 8: Dense
Hydrographics: 90% water
Population: 1 billion
Govt: Non-Charismatic Dictatorship
Law Level: 14: Police State
Technology: 12: Average Stellar
Native Life: Primitive ecosystem
Planetoid Belts: 1
Gas Giants: 5
Allegiance: Prokoetaal
Bases: None
Travel Zone: Amber

Trade Codes: Capital,Hi Population,
Resources: Rich (12),
Export: Polymers



Prokoete is the capital system of the Prokoetaal League, an eight-system interstellar polity inhabiting the Andressen Main.


Prokoete is a main sequence single star. The solar system has two inner planets and five gas giants, with two of the gas giants sharing an orbital band. There is a single asteroid band between the first and second gas giant orbits. The main inhabited planet is the second inner planet. The nearest and largest of the gas giants has a 40 moon planetary system, the largest moon having a thin atmosphere and tidal plate activity.


System population is 91% on the Prokoete homeworld, and 2% in its single moon. Phenotypically, the Prokoete exhibit Solomani genes with near parity expression. Some local drift to accommodate the planet's dense atmosphere can be found in lower castes. Other human racial expressions are found: 12% Vilani, 2% King's. Among human population, 50% are female. Humans as an aggregate are 98% of the population, with the 2% various chimerics.

The innermost gas giant's largest moon, Hokknandhan, has the second largest population block at ~2 million souls at a large military base, prison colony, and a naval orbital.


The Prokoetaal language and dialects is the primary language of Prokoete and throughout the Prokoetaal League and the Andressen Main. Its roots are Second Age Terran Indo-Arabic, sharing markers with others in the Passaral, Trireme, and Chrome subsectors.

Galantic is common among educated classes and the bureaucracy. Civilian interstellar transport and trade follows Scout Service protocol, including use of trade-standard Galantic.


Prokoete is an authoritarian culture that places a strong moral priority on order and nationalism, while simultaneously glorifying individual achievement and sacrifice for the State. Such lionization is routine in news and entertainment, the ends always justify the means. There is no state religion. Although spiritual practice similar to Taoism is found in all castes, as an organized religion it accounts for only 15% of the overall population (35% in lower castes). The Prokoetaal are a male-dominant culture. Women may occasionally rise to positions of authority in private business and community arenas, but the main source of power and wealth -- the revolutionary military state -- women's advancement is severely limited.

Law and Government

Prokoete is a violent police state with an uneducated underclass and no guarantee of equal protection. The military control law enforcement and the judiciary, supported by a dependent civilian bureaucracy. As almost all political advancement is through the military, the state is on a perpetual war footing.

Underneath the modern revolutionary flavor espoused by the political elite, Prokoete is basically the same four tier caste system that it has been for centuries: historically, the military/judicial class 1%, a middle class bourgeoisie 4%, a vast proletarian working class 80%, and an "untouchable" underclass 15%. The ascention of the Prokoetaal military in recent generations provide social mobility for the middle and working classes, as well as downward mobility as working poor are driven farther from empowerment and wealth.

Political rivalry and dissent are rarely public, being mostly internal power struggles within the halls of authority, centering around rank, reputation, and influence. Underclass dissent is treated as criminal (and vice versa), and often treasonous. Crime, violent dissent, and terrorism are used to justify increasing levels of state control.

For interstellar politics of the Prokoetaal, see Prokoetaal League.

Native Life

The native Prokoetaal ecosystem is CNONa based, cellular, aerobic and photosynthetic, with both sexual and asexual reproduction. Nearly all environments have life, with the notable exception of canopy or aerial life -- other than wind-borne germination, there are no flying life forms on Prokoete. There are no dangerous flora or fauna. Maritime apex predators are motile jellyfish that pose no threat to humans, as its toxins (and native toxins in general) do not affect human physiology.

Genes are nucleic acid strands. There are a few obvious terrestrial hybrid flora, but most life seems to have evolved independently.

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