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Summary of how to gain and spend plot points

Spend 1 PP to...
Benefit Explanation
Create a d6 Asset for the scene An Asset is any short-lived benefit to the narrative. Add the d6 to any relevant rolls your Character makes. Assets expire at the end of the scene. Examples: Secure uplink, In my sights, I read a book on this last night, Broken beer bottle, Noisy crowd, Lucky handholds, Underworld connection. Environmental assets may need justification, or a flashback scene/task, for GM approval.
Add a rolled die to the total This is the most powerful use of a PP, as it adds an already-rolled third (or fourth etc.) die to your Action total, which you can do after the GM sets the stakes. It's also short lived, only affecting that roll.
Make an existing Asset last the episode Extends the lifespan of an already-created Asset. Assets normally only last the scene.
Buy an Opportunity when the GM rolls a Jinx When the GM rolls a 1 on an Action, you may spend a PP to step back any Complication in play. If the GM rolled more than one Jinx in an Action, the same 1 PP steps back 2 (or more) Complications, or the same Complication two steps, in any combination.
Roll a Big Damn Hero die and add it to your Action pool Must have a BDH banked. Can be added after seeing the opposing roll.
Stay in the fight after you have been Taken Out If a high-stakes roll results in a Character being Taken Out, a PP can keep them in the game. The narrative does not change, so the Character will still be shot/fried/hacked or whatever. GM gives a Complication equal to the biggest die in the opposing dice pool, OR step up an existing Complication. Note that if you already have a relevant Complication at d12, it makes no sense to "stay in the fight" since the resulting Complication step up will take you out anyway.
Activate a Distinction trigger If you have a relevant Distinction trigger that requires a plot point to activate, you can spend it to carry out the text of the trigger.
Take a Limited Action if you are Taken Out Even if your are Taken Out, you may spend 1 PP to take a Limited Action. Limited actions are rolled the same as Actions but you only get to keep 1 die (unless other mechanics kick in, like BDH dice).
Receive 1 PP when you...
Drawback Explanation
Earn a Complication due to rolling a Jinx When a die in your Action dice pool rolls 1, GM will give a d6 Complication (or step up an existing Complication) and you earn a PP. If you roll more than one Jinx, the Complication is stepped up for each additional 1, but you still only get the single PP.
Roll a d4 Distinction die For any Action roll where your Distinction is relevant, you may choose to add d4 to the Action pool instead of d8. Earn a PP.
Activate a Distinction trigger that gives a PP If you have a Distinction that awards a PP for some situation, you may do so if that situation arises. Follow the text of the Distinction.
Start a new Episode All crew (and the ship) gain 1 PP when starting a new Episode.
Great RP GM may award a PP for great play, snappy one-liner or catchphrase, memorable description of a scene that impresses the Crew.
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