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Prokoetaal League is an eight-system interstellar polity inhabiting the Andressen Main, Trireme and Chrome subsectors. All worlds in the Prokoetaal League are rated Amber, due to documented cases of warrantless arrests and ship seizures.
Prokoetaal Systems, Andressen Main
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Mohan         1516 E6685A2-9    Ag Ni              603 Pr 554 
Yhro          1517 E74066E-8    De Ni Po           100 Pr 41D 
Klothlhrutan  1617 B6548BE-C                    A  100 Pr 38N 
Vredenhoeth   1717 C3006BE-B    Na Ni Va        A  911 Pr 08H 
Yeh-tah       1718 D430664-7    De Na Ni Po        810 Pr 000 
PROKOETE      1817 BA899BE-C  P Hi Ca           A  115 Pr 6CP Prokoetaal Capital
Chshrimuj     1918 C4728BE-B                    A  203 Pr 48I 
Cimini        2017 C5206DE-8    De Na Ni Po        614 Pr 010 



The Prokoetaal League was formed in 3924 when a faction of the military defeated loyalists after seven years of conflict. The leader of the junta, General Maxs, ruled the PL until his death in 3949. He was succeeded bloodlessly by Admiral Zagtimon, who has consolidated and expanded Prokoetaal influence throughout the Andressen Main.

The League has laid claim over the entirety of the Andressen Main, Amp system excepted. The acquisition of Yhro and Mohan were the only significantly contested invasions.

Prokoetaal Military

The Prokoetaal have constructed or purchased a significant sector presence in the form of the Prokoetaal Expeditionary Force, a naval battle group whose flagship is the 12,000dt Assault Carrier Sword of Kaalu.

PEF Roster

Ships above 1,000dt

  • 12,000dt Jump-4 Assault Carrier Sword of Kaalu, with 55x 15dt tactical fighters, 48x 30dt heavy fighter-bombers, 8x 50dt missile pinnaces, and 2x 400dt SDBs. Fleet General Tchurgyk commanding. Accompanied by task force and at least one Destoyer.
  • 8,000dt Jump-4 Destroyer Capture, General Omi commanding. Accompanied by task force.
  • 4,000dt Jump-4 Destroyer Picket Obsidian, General Shesella commanding.
  • 4,000dt Jump-4 Destroyer Picket Slasher, Colonel Pischor acting CO.
  • 3,000dt Jump-3 Planetary Assault Destroyer Nightmare, one 400dt Ground Attack SDB. CO unknown (currently in drydock at Prokoete).
  • 2,000dt Jump-3 Escort Carrier Fiery Vengeance, with 18x 15dt tactical fighters, and either an unknown number of heavy fighter-bombers (est. 10x), or one 400dt SDB. Colonel Horku commanding.
  • 1,200dt Jump-3 Troop Transport Incendiary, CO unknown (currently in drydock at Prokoete).
  • At least two other 1,200dt support vessels, probably Jump-2 but possibly Jump-3.


  • Ursu Flight, three 400dt Jump-2 raiders and support vessels, operating in wedge between Andressen Main and the Imperial border, extending coreward to Skirling. Colonel Ursu commanding.
  • Eushwelch Flight, one 600dt Jump-3 raider and support vessels, operating coreward up to Linsiber and Alvarez, perhaps all the way to THORWELD. Major Eushwelch commanding.
  • Hard Rain Flight, three 400dt Jump-2 raiders and support vessels, operating mostly in Prokoetaal space. CO unknown.
  • Waterfall Flight, six 100dt and two 200dt utility vessels, Jump-2, operating mostly in Prokoetaal space as scout-courier and fleet support. CO unknown.
  • A typical task force in support of any major asset will consist of Flight-level patrol ships and one support vessel 800dt or higher. The total estimated capacity outside of the listing is four flights' worth, approx. two vessels 600dt-800dt, six to eight vessels 200dt-400dt, and eight to ten vessels 100dt-200dt. These assets are deployed ad hoc and split duties with communications and system defense.
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