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Psionics in the Coality is pretty much the same as in the Traveller canon. However, Coality does not have Zhodani.


Coality Psionics

  • Psionics are a human capability. Machines exhibit no psionic ability. Chimerics exhibit weak psionic ability at best.
  • All humans have psi potential.
  • Psi can only be unlocked with training.
  • Psi training is formal, ritualistic, and rigorous. Informal or "talent" training such as unstructured meditation always ends up in decline of potential.
  • Psi training is illegal in Coality states, even if local laws or customs allow it. The charge can include treason, if psi is used against an officer of the Imperium (e.g. a naval officer).
  • Psi talent and training can still be found underground, especially in high-population worlds, or worlds with historical disposition toward psi. There are dozens of known schools and training approaches.
  • In general, psi training approach will fall into one of three basic types: meditative, spiritual/religious, physical.
  • Psi potential can be augmented temporarily by psi drugs. Psi drugs are also illegal in Coality states.

Psionics Capabilities

Psionic talent falls into several primary talents:

  • Awareness, the abilty to control of one’s own body. Awareness is not capable of affecting others and may not be used for healing or enhancing other characters.
  • Clairvoyance or Extrasensory Perception (ESP), the abilty to sense events at some location displaced from the viewer.
  • Telekinesis, the abilty to manipulate objects without physically touching them.
  • Telepathy, the abilty to contact other minds directly. In rudimentary forms, it allows the communication of feelings and emotion; in advanced forms it allows the transfer of information.
  • Teleportation, the abilty to allow instantaneous movement from one point to another point without regard to intervening matter. Psionic teleportation is limited to the movement of the teleported character’s body and (for highly skilled teleports) his clothing and weapons.
  • Divination, the ability to intuit unseen or unknown truths, past events, other planes or dimensions of existence.
  • Precognition, the ability to see or sense the future.

Bey-Partial worlds with known psionics disposition or schools

Game Mechanics

Psionic abilities are d8 Distinctions, as can be found in Firefly Reader Distinction. Opposing rolls are either contested, or the number of d10 Hard difficulty dice given in range charts below.

d10 Personal Range Starship Range
(d8) Self/Touch Docked
1 Close (1.5m) Planetary/Visual
2 Short (20m) Satellite Orbit (Moon)
3 Medium (100m)
4 Long (500m) Interplanetary
5 Very Long (2500m)
6 Extreme (City-wide) Outer Planetary
7 County-wide
8 Regional
9 Continental System-wide
10 Planetary Deep Space
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