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RIM Expedit AG is a trans-frontier shipping and mercantile outfit with offices in Right Angle, Independence, and Murk—the initials forming the company's name. Company charter was granted 3912. It has 22 starships and approx. 20,000 employees on nine systems. It is run by a Board of Directors in Right Angle, with Imperial sponsorship by the Marquise of Keyes. Current private worth is estimated at 41.2 GCr.


RIM's origins are as interstellar shipping contractors for a now-defunct mercantile collective in Murk. Due to the financial realities of speculative trade—nearly all the equity was tied up in its interstellar fleet—the tail soon began wagging the dog, and RIM Expedit was formed to manage the import/export connections on planet. RIM staved off an early takeover from gigacorporation Yang AG by agreeing to a long term anti-piracy contract, which has since expired.


RIM Expedit provides fast communications, transport, and passenger charter service in the Cloudworlds and along the Bey-Agathai J3 Route. It also engages in high risk speculative trade, prospecting and salvage, and mercenary contracts (mostly investigation). RIM Expedit is a licensed carrier for extra-Imperial polities Skirling and the Prokoetaal League.

Recent News

Jan 4001: Legal challenges to recent boarding and seizure of cargo from one of RIM Expedit's J-3 vessels have stalled, pending multiple charges of smuggling and transport of hazardous cargo.

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