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Name: Roxey
Subsector: Trireme
Sector: Bey-Partial
Coordinates: 1217 (F0407)
UWP: X33A4E0-4-515
Starport: X: None
Size: 3: Small (4000-5600 km)
Atmosphere: 3: Very thin
Hydrographics: Water world
Population: 50,000
Govt: Religious Autocracy
Law Level: No Prohibitions
Technology: 4: Steam Age
Native Life: Sterile
Planetoid Belts: 1
Gas Giants: 5
Allegiance: Coality Client State
Bases: None
Travel Zone: Green

Trade Codes: Non-industrial,Water World,
Resources: Poor (1),
Export: None

Frigid, stormy oceans with county-sized icebergs forming the only land masses. Although the NO atmosphere is Earthlike, it is unbreathably thin without a respirator. Roxey's H2O oceans are a perfect host to the many terrestrial fresh water flora and fauna that have found purchase here.

Inhabited by a Second Age people living in strict compliance with their religion. Population lives in ice cities carved out of ancient glaciers. They maintain no starship facilities but can trade if contacted. Translation to their native tongue is required.

The world stands as the only reasonable Jump-2 route from the Coality to the Andressen Main. It is confirmed that the governments of both Far Purchase and Long Reach have partnered with regional guilds to build a highport at Roxey.

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