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Two citizens from Keyes put out a request for a charter safari service to Hueng. They wish to pay High Passage rates with about four tonnes cargo included. Their itinerary would include passage to Hueng, a four to eight week stay on planet, and a return trip.


Itinerary and Compensation

  1. Independence
  2. Right Angle
  3. Danxcza
  4. Frije
  5. Hueng

Total cost is Cr100,000 round trip per person. Since this itinerary assumes Jump-3, and the charter Captain's vessel is only Jump-2, the real itinerary will be:

  2. Sea of Gold
  3. Right Angle
  4. Deep Adit
  5. Fifth Finger
  6. Danxcza
  7. Frije
  8. Hueng

Total high passage cost would be Cr160,000 round trip. The patrons are willing to split the difference and pay Cr130,000 round trip, per person, for a total of Cr260,000 Payment in full in advance.

About the Safari

Hueng is a desert world with a rich ecosystem of mostly aerial life. Among the lifeforms are flying web-spinning raptors known as Dactyls that live among the world's escarpment and prey on various sessile colonies and motile herd animals. The Dactyls are the big game prize the patrons are after, although they will also explore the terrain and hunt opportunistically for other game.

The patrons plan to hunt on foot and by air. They are bringing with them an Age of Flight combustion engine aeroplane (packed), equipped with a replica of an ancient Tech-4 water-cooled machine gun. They will also have survival equipment, communications, jet packs, and modern firearms.

There is not really a market for Dactyl prize game or trophies. The motivation for the trip seems to be entirely recreational.

Travel Considerations

Hueng is a Skirling system, and as such, the patrons recognize that permission to travel to the system, let alone hunt there, is not guaranteed. The patrons bear letters of consent to travel from the Skirling Consulate on Murk. Responsibility to negotiate with (or bribe) Skirling authorities for right to safari on Hueng is entirely the patron's.

The patrons also recognize that travel outside Coality borders represents uncertainty and risk. One of the patrons has a certified ransom of Cr250,000 if captured by pirates. The other has TAS membership. Both patrons are fully insured for funeral expenses.

The Patrons

  • Foster Tsidekas, m, age 40. Manufacturing. Survival-2 Mechanical-1 Rifle-1 Pilot-1 (fixed wing single prop) Gambling-1
  • Tdask Ramonne, m, age 38. Ex-Marine. Rifle-2 Cutlass-2 Brawling-1 Vacc Suit-2 SMG-1

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