Session 10 notes

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Silis System June 5 3990, to Sevinhand system August 11 3990

  • Misjump, jumpspace intrusion
  • Conclusion of battle with aliens: aliens show little tactical sense and are mopped up easily with high explosives and Gauss rifles. COB suffers minor radiation damage and bruising in explosion, Marine Commando more radiation damage. Remaining three aliens neutralized and placed in emergency low berth, using settings read from the derelict. Hull damage due to high explosives and misjump.
  • Evidence of infection of marine commando after emerging from autodoc. Marine placed in low berth.
  • Computer failures slow down but do not cease. Gravitics remain operational despite jumpspace incursion.
  • Scout Puela Hecate, upon recalculation of radiometrics from Blacksack, believes the alien generation ships may have arrived in STAN one year ago, not one year from present
  • Jump arrives in distant space June 12 outside Sevinhand; plot emergency course to nearest gas giant: three months with watch crew of 2. Lt.Comm. and Master Chief elected due to medical training. Everyone else placed in low berth until near Sevinhand outer planets. All revived on schedule without mishap August 7 3990.
  • Refuel and minor repairs, traverse to inner system to contact natives for possible refit.
  • Arrive Sevinhand colony August 11 3990

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