Session 2 notes

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Start of session January 3990


Right Angle

  • Charter shuttle business (name?) established by Keridian
  • Routine maintenance on the Freya
  • Sandcaster (Grade II) installed on the Freya, engineered by Beloved Engineering at a cost of Cr298,000 (includes 20 canisters)
  • Rho Merkees broker Jimothy Ricks hired
  • (someone) gets into a bar fight, fished out of the drunk tank
  • Depart system January 21 3990

Jump to Deep Adit

  • Encounter, SuSAG anti-piracy patrol, 400dt corvette Naison's Hammer
  • Freya boarded, no incident
  • Updated piracy information exchanged
  • Depart system January 28 3990

Jump to Fifth Finger

Chrome Subsector

  • System nav beacon upgraded by (someone)
  • Skim and go, depart system February 2 3990

Jump to Danxcza

Back to Trireme Subsector

  • Shore leave five days, passengers disembark
  • Routine maintenance on the Freya
  • TAS station chief arranges for information and some cargo to be shipped to the scout base on Vesarelict, on its way to the TAS office on Mishatan
  • Depart system February 15 3990

Jump to Frije

Nembu Subsector, Skirling space

  • No Skirling authorities encountered
  • Skim and go, depart system February 22 3990

Jump to Hueng

  • Skirling task force encountered: 1x 1200dt patrol cruiser, 2x 400dt patrol corvettes, 2x 100dt scouts, 1x 100dt SDB, 2x auxiliaries (200dt, 500dt)
  • Encounter: Diplomat (name)
  • Encounter: Captain Storm of Skirling Expeditionary Task Force 22
  • Bank attache to Skirl handed over to the Skirling -- Mission complete
  • Safari Shuttle customers granted permission to disembark on Hueng, a shore party detail of two marines is assigned to accompany them

Time now March 2 3990

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