Session 3 notes

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Start of session March 2 3990


Nembu Subsector

Jump to Barnhard

  • Arrive March 9 3990
  • Encounter, IN-5411 400t Fast Courier Cobra-class Roulette, Captain Harmond — Cobra-class 400t Close Escort
  • Encounter Mishatan 2000t Teardrop Priority Interrupt
  • Encounter 100t Scout Lucky 21, "Lucky" Jack Derribonder, pilot
  • Brokered deal for electronics to local distributor and thug Geremy Hoppes, Cr295k, concludes speculative trade of electronics from Murk
  • Encountered Captain Lorpath of Department Internal Police, the ultimate buyer for the electronics
  • Offered two-jump transport to Vesarelict via the Priority Interrupt at a cost of Cr30,000 (first leg only), declined.
  • Freya boarded twice, cargo deck only, no incident
  • Updated piracy information exchanged with both the scout and the courier.
  • Depart system March 13 3990

Jump to Chris

  • Arrive March 20 3990
  • Encounter Signal GK with Boarded/Compromised hidden message
  • Picked up low energy radio message from field radio near crash site, initiated Search and Rescue
  • Karidian and Sopes take the shuttle and pick up Active Duty Scout Morgat Checker Paulie, pilot of the crashed Here's The Thing
  • Curtain closes with Lamont and Quint aboard the Freya under attack from two 30t cutters

Time now March 20 3990

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