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June 5 3990, Silis system

Session 9 spanned only four hours in game time, starting with the order to evacuate the derelict and return to Imperial authority in Vesarelict, via Blacksack. The decision was made after poring over various ship's logs during three days' discovery (see Session 8 notes), culminating in the discovery of the Kyle Lattimer Chief Medical Officer's log.

  • Order to evacuate the derelict given by Karidian
  • Flight of approximately two dozen predator-phage aliens detected approaching the ship at 56 gravities
  • Order to detonate the medical lab aboard the derelict given by Marine Lieutenant of the Geronimo, evidence of unlawful orders and mutiny by Marine commando squad becomes apparent
  • Arriving derelict detail attacked by rogue marine squad; One commando critically injured, one injured and incapacitated by Soapes and Freya crew
  • Order to use nuclear missile against inbound flight of predators authorized; disrupts and delays attack.
  • Five lead hostiles arrive at the Geronimo moments before jump; order to jump given by Karidian despite evidence of misjump
  • Five hostiles board the Geronimo, apparently through jumpspace incursion in Gravitics room. Main engineering flooded with radiation. Battle ensues.
  • Three marine gunners and Marine Lieutenant killed in initial firefight; Lt.Comm cedes command to Karidian to handle mutiny and participate in firefight, suffers major injuries; Soapes critically injured; Remaining Marine Commando and Engineer's Mate suffer minor radiation damage. Battle ends in a standoff with two aliens neutralized, one apparently critically injured, one suffering moderate damage, and one unharmed.
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