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Name: Stabyl
Subsector: Passaral
Sector: Bey-Partial
Coordinates: 1406 (B0606)
UWP: CAE4518-4-520
Starport: C: Fair
Size: A: Large (15200-16800 km)
Atmosphere: E: Ellipsoid
Hydrographics: 40% water
Population: 500,000
Govt: Company/Corporation
Law Level: 8: High
Technology: 4: Steam Age
Native Life: Macroscopic
Planetoid Belts: 2
Gas Giants: 0
Allegiance: Not Aligned
Bases: Scout
Travel Zone: Green

Trade Codes: Fluid Oceans,Non-industrial,
Resources: Rich (9),
Export: Native/Tourism

Stabyl is an egg-shaped planet with a wobbling spin. The planet's name is allegedly derived from the dry irony of the original colonists.

The native population ranks as one of the sector's best examples of an early Long Night colony that reverted to barbarism and has survived and recovered. Its current tech level is believed to have been achieved without outside influence. The corporate bureaucratic government bears a strong resemblance to First Age "Certificate of Acquisition" charter governments.

Stabyl has a type C highport run by the Federal Scout Service. TAS runs a tourism office, but direct contact with the natives is discouraged without screening out high-technology.

Stabyl experiences modest J-3 traffic as an alternate route from Aonghus to Ermanno (the normal route is through Leynar).

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