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Coality said ...

March 28 3990: 1600t Mishatan Teardrop Finger Puzzle

  • During refuel and minor repairs, the crew of the Freya was entertained by nearly 20 hours of old VHF broadcasts of a cartoon, featuring Sheriff Jack Rabbit and Punchy the Kangaroo, along with a cast of minor characters: a slightly inebriated gold miner named "Saddlebag" Pete, Zak the Practice Cactus (a not very well thought out choice for a sparring partner on Jack's part), and Miss Ooh La La, whose entrance is always accompanied by a wolf whistle and is a chronic source of conflict, and many others. Nearly all of the vignettes or episodes end up in a fight between Punchy and Sheriff Jack, with Jack always getting the worse part of it. Nearly all of them also conclude with a simple moral, which may or may not have bearing on the last conversation with Finger Puzzle.
  • One Finger Puzzle comm channel features an over-solicitous Sheriff Jack; the other channel apparently accesses somewhat surly Finger Puzzle command or crew.

--Coality 15:53, 1 September 2011 (EDT)

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