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Pre-Terran History


  • c. -150 Terra (aka Sol Original) invents Jump-1 drive, various competing corporations and nations begin exploration and colonization of local systems.
  • c. -50 Contact with advanced alien race. Exchange of technologies leads to possession of Matryeshka Drive. Details are vague, contradictory.
  • c. -50 to 450 Terran Diaspora

First Age

  • Year 0 Foundation of the Rule of Man, first unified interstellar authority. Also known as the First Age.
  • c. 400 Matryeshka and other advanced, non-Terran technology widespread. Presence of Ancients deduced by genetic analysis of extraterrestrial lifeforms. Human speciation is common.
  • c. 550 Matryeshka begin to spontaneously and simultaneously fail. Descent into barbarism begins.

Long Night

  • c. 550-2099 The Long Night. First Age technology permanently lost.
  • c. 1000? Sol Original rendered barren by biological agents. System is abandoned. Barnard system (Jump-2 from Sol Original) induced to nova, by unknown means. Evidence of gigadeath interstellar war throughout sector.
  • 2018-2099 Interstellar war rages in the old Imperial core among shifting coalitions of systems and guilds.

Second (Grenedar) Empire

  • 2099 Grenedar Exodus recaptures Terratu after eighty years of interstellar war, renames it Sol Imperial. The Grenedar declare the Second Empire.
  • 2099-2868 Second Empire rules from Sol Imperial. Expands throughout 15 surrounding sectors. Vargr, Droyne, K'kree encountered.
  • 2377 Sol Original (Europa) re-colonized.
  • c. 2700-3204 Secession wars: civil war, invasion, and rebellion.
  • 2868 Fall of Sol Imperial to Galantic Federation. Second Empire disbanded.

The Collapse

  • c. 2700-3200 The Collapse: interstellar trade grinds to a halt. Pocket empires struggle to maintain law and communication. Starvation and reversion to barbarism throughout most volumes.
  • c.2900-3002 Vargr Encroachment; Vargr expansion stalemated by human coalition navy.

Third Imperium

  • 3204 House Phoenix signs Treaty of the Coality, declares Third Imperium. Unifies four sectors under flag. Assembly of Planetary Governors founded. Imperial Navy founded. Federal Scout Service founded.
  • 3300-3359 Expanding Third Imperium clashes with Eleven Kingdoms border state. War ends in stalemate; Eleven Kingdoms granted independent Earldoms in exchange for border security along the Imperium's trailing flank.
  • 3780-3822 Second Solomani Rim War, Third, Fourth, and Eleventh Fleet.
  • 3902 Scout base on Vesarelict established, the Coality's most trailing base.


  • 3989. Third Imperium covers most of ten sectors.

Bey-Partial Sector History

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