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Universal Task Profile offers guidelines to set expectations for non-combat task checks. Where specified in the CT rules, task checks and mods take precedence. And as always, Referee discretion overrides both. See also ACQ Action/Reaction Task.


UTP Table

Roll 2D. Add or subtract DMs for skill, characteristic, and/or situation. A natural 2 on Difficulty roll always results in a failure roll.

Result Difficulty (2D) Min. Skill Rank Examples of difficulty BITS Equivalent
3+ SIMPLE N/A Resolve a radar blip (Sensors) EASY (1D)
5+ EASY 0 Offroad driving (Drive Wheeled Vehicle)
7+ ROUTINE 0 Determine a jump solution to a system (Nav) AVERAGE (2D)
9+ DIFFICULT 1 Avoid official scrutiny of a security application (Admin)
11+ CHALLENGING 1 Sleight-of-hand a small weapon from visual inspection (dex) DIFFICULT (3D)
13+ FORMIDABLE 2 Perform nerve repair surgery (Medical)
15+ STAGGERING 2 Decipher a zip squeal (Comm) STAGGERING (4D)
17+ EPIC 3 Repair a motivator coil using plant fibers (Gravitics) HOPELESS
19+ INCREDIBLE 3 Survive hard vacuum unscathed (end) IMPOSSIBLE (5D)

Difficulty adjustments

Rank in task skill < Min. or no ranks in skill +1 Difficulty tier ("This is hard!")
Rushed and under serious threat or crisis +1 Difficulty tier, +1D on failure roll Disarm a time bomb (Demolitions), hack a security portal under fire (Computer), first aid on dying comrade (Medical)
Hazardous task +1D on failure roll (or more!) EVA repair of sensor array (Engineering)
Cautious job (where possible) -1D on failure roll, double time Carefully search an area for traps (Survival)
Extraordinary outcome wanted +1 Difficulty tier ("Watch this!")


+skill rank Relevant task skill, if any
-contested skill rank Relevant task skill, if applicable
+characteristic/5 (rounded) Relevant characteristic, if any
- contested characteristic/5 (rounded) Relevant characteristic, if applicable
+terms of service/2 (rounded down) Experience check, if applicable
+Computer Model/3 (rounded down) Computer assisted, if applicable
(Computer Model - contested Computer Model)/2 (rounded down) Computer assisted, if applicable
+2/-2 Adjustment for situation, cannot exceed +/-2*
-1 Wounded, shaken
-3 Critically wounded, panicked

* "I have help", "I've done this a hundred times before", "these parts aren't designed for this vehicle", Good/bad/no tools, Zero-G etc.

Other qualifiers

  • Skills may be tagged for special cases, e.g. Hazardous, Non-repeatable, Computer assist allowed, Experience allowed, etc.
  • Player Points can be cashed in on any one dice roll, including failure or mishap rolls. However one cannot go all the way back to the task roll if he has progressed to failure or mishap.

Failure and Mishap

Result Failure (2D) Mishap
2 retry whew! (0)
3+ retry superficial (1)
7+ determination check* minor (1D)
11+ roll 2D on Mishap major (2D)
15+ roll 3D on Mishap critical (3D)
19+ roll 4D on Mishap destroyed (4D)

*Determination: DIFFICULT, end+int: if success, allow retry; otherwise either failure no retry, or Mishap 2D, depending on task

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