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Ursu Flight is a Prokoetaal naval task force, part of the Prokoetaal Expeditionary Forces, or PEF. The flight is named for its commander, Colonel Ursu, an experienced and decorated combat leader. Ursu Flight is outfitted for independent skirmish action outside of the Prokoetaal polity. Allegations of piracy, mostly coming from Right Angle merchants, have either been denied or explained as lawful seizures of contraband, or lawful disruption of aid to anti-Prokoetaal resistance.



  • Three 400dt J-2 Commerce Raiders, knockoff of the Yellowjacket Class, operating singly. Flagship is PEF-102 Tantalus
  • 9-10 support craft, each of less than 50 dt
  • 60 Prokoetaal Marines
  • Approximately 65 support staff spanning three systems (below)


Area of Operation


Colonel Ursu's command gained infamy during the Prokoetaal expansion, when the PEF annexed Mohan and Yhro. Then-Major Ursu was in charge of the orbital forces when Mohan surrendered. When the representatives of the subdued Mohan people expressed outrage over the draconian occupation—which according to some was tantamount to slavery—Ursu responded by executing "prisoners" who were under white flag, and then re-commencing the assault on the planet, whose defenses had already been largely disarmed. Mohan's leadership class, Members of Imperial nobility among them, were tortured publicly and executed, and their children sent to Klothlhrutan for patriation.

In the aftermath of the expansion, two TAS journalists deemed enemies of the Prokoetaal state for their reporting were forced to eat their ransom papers. One of them was shot, and the other was sent back to Right Angle to "teach the enemies of Prokoete what happens to spies." The surviving journalist did not survive low passage, due to possibly intentional mishandling.

Ursu was promoted to Colonel and put in command of Ursu Flight, into which he recruited his select, loyal officers.

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