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Name: Vesarelict
Subsector: Farlight
Sector: Bey-Partial
Coordinates: 2507 (D0107)
UWP: C655319-9-613
Starport: C: Fair
Size: 6: Medium (8800-10400 km)
Atmosphere: 5: Thin
Hydrographics: 50% water
Population: 6,000
Govt: Company/Corporation
Law Level: 9: High
Technology: 9: Fusion Age
Native Life: Primitive ecosystem
Planetoid Belts: 1
Gas Giants: 3
Allegiance: Not Aligned
Bases: Scout
Travel Zone: Green

Trade Codes: Lo Population,
Resources: Rich (9),
Export: None

Vesarelict's small population is a declining remnant of a corporate mining interest of the Gorgoran Industrial Comity AG. The planet's yield of organic oils and polymers extracted from its unusual native ecosystem was initially thought to be rare in composition, and a biochemical mining base was founded to capitalize. At its heyday early in the 3900s, Vesarelict boasted a population of 100,000 souls. However, it quickly proved to be commercially unsustainable given the remote location and shipping costs.

Now, although they still retain a corporate colonial organization, the people of Vesarelict have been released from corporate charter. The deep space scout base is the chief employer of the people of Vesarelict.

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