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Silis Xenomorph Predators serve as an immune system response governed by the alien Silis Xenomorph collective. See Silis Xenomorphs and Silis System for contact history.



Personal Game Mechanics

Effect on computers and robots

Skill Check Modifier
Computer -2
Computer Failure Check +4
Mishap 5+ Computer offline M days
Mishap 9+ Above plus gravitics offline M-4 days
Mishap 13+ Above plus computer permanently corrupted
Future computer checks now -4
Computer-assisted targeting -2
Any computer-assisted skill check -1 to -4
Reinstate computer temporarily Difficult
Repair or disinfect computer Formidable

Radiation area effect

Distance Radiation Damage
1.5m (1 hex) 1D6+1/round
3m-6m (2-4 hexes) 1D6-1/round
6m-15m (5-10 hexes) 1D3-1/round

Radiation attack

Attack once every other round, range 3m (2 hexes). To hit 5+, 1D6 damage + radiation as above.


Fly 15m (10 hexes) per round. May displace through unshielded obstacle 3m (2 hexes) on 7+.


  • Roll 6D6 ST, EN, DX or use 21, 21, 21
  • 10-point energy field, regenerates 3 points/round. Subtract energy field rating from damage.
  • Half damage (after energy field) from lasers, radiation, and photoelectric attack.

Space Game Mechanics

  • Use High Guard for Missile and energy weapons to hit and damage.
  • Any attack that hits "Interior Explosion" destroys the Predator (hits the nucleus).
  • All attacks not "Interior Explosion" are considered to hit the Predator's energy field.
  • Attacks hitting "Fuel" are ignored.
  • Predator energy fields are destroyed after they take three levels of damage. From then on, any damage destroys the Predator.
  • Predator energy fields regenerate one point per round.

Proximity effect on targeting, sensors, and communications

Skill Modifier
Sensor -4
Sensor failure +4
Navigation -4
Navigation failure +4
Comms -2
Gunnery, Close -1
Gunnery, Short -2
Gunnery, Medium+ -4
All gunnery programs -4

X-ray whip

The X-ray whip attack has only been seen near a Shard entity, in concert with an attack of Predators. It is possible that this attack comes from the Shard, not from Predators.

  • Medium range, once per five rounds, 5+ to hit
  • Damage: causes roll on mishap table. 1D6 if Computer model 1-3, 2D6 if 4-6, 3D6 if 7-9


Predators attack in flights of 12-20+. Groups of Predators can be attacked by batteries and h-missiles.

  • Carry out the attack as normal on any individual Predator
  • If more than two levels of damage is recorded, 10% of swarm for each additional level is discomfited.
  • Discomfited elements of swarm must roll 7+ to regroup before continuing their attack.


  • Predators normal movement stats are Movement 4, Agility 6
  • Predators using the subatomic causeway exhibited in Silis system are Movement 56, Agility 1

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