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Yang AG deep space merchant cruiser, 1500t Jump-3, commissioned 3865 by Intellicorp Starliner AG (a Yang subsidiary). The Kyle Lattimer was destroyed in an act of apparent sabotage, after being boarded and taken over by an alien symbiotic life form. Its derelict is adrift in Silis system.

Surviving Crew

Of the 49 original crew, only 18 are believed to have survived the attack of the Silis Xenomorphs in 3953. Of those 18, three are either missing or subsequently killed or placed into medical stasis. Each of the following 18 are believed to have been compromised by a Rift Symbiote.

  • Captain
  • First Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer (Missing after symbiosis, believed dead)
  • Lieutenant Comms
  • Engineer's Mate
  • Engineer 2nd Class
  • Bosun of the Watch (Killed after symbiosis)
  • Bosun's Mate
  • Master Merchant
  • Merchant's Aide
  • Merchant's Aide
  • Purser
  • Gunnery Sergeant
  • Gunsail FC
  • Gunsail FC
  • Able Shipman (Killed after symbiosis)
  • Able Shipman
  • Able Shipman

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